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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I love seeing my musician clients wearing the custom jewelry designs I made for them. I already previewed the issue of Inked Magazine with gorgeous singer/songwriter Skylar Grey on the cover. Now the magazine is out and I’ve gotten to see more fabulous photos featuring the double-ax necklace I made for Skylar. How hot is this?


Really hot! Click to enlarge.

Can I please have a body like this?


Click to enlarge.

Skylar also got her double-ax logo tattooed on her neck recently. In the Inked interview (conducted by the guy who knows Skylar best — her manager, Todd Mandel), Skylar explains the significance of the design:

“The crossed axes are my logo. I chose it because when I lived up in the woods alone I had to chop wood for the wood stove to stay warm, as it was my only source of heat. Axes also make a good weapon! The ax is a symbol of survival to me.”

See more sex-ay pictures and read about Skylar’s working relationship with Eminem and the challenges of the music industry here.

Meanwhile, the nameplate chain I made for rapper Hi-Rez is all over his Instagram. I like this one …


Click to see on Instagram.

… but this one, captioned “My bitch Icy,” made me LOL.


Click to see on Instagram.

Icy’s got a hoodie and a chain. True gangsta bitch!

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One Response to “My Music Peeps Wearing WendyB Jewelry”

  1. stacy says:

    You are everywhere Wendy! Congratulations.
    OMG, is that puppy in a hoodie? It does not get more adorable.