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Friday, April 11, 2014

My gorgeous rapper friend Gangsta Boo finished up her tour with her group, Da Mafia 6ix, and came back to town to promote “Bitchy,” her new collaboration with other fabulous wimmin rappers La Chat and Mia X. She’s been spending a lot of quality time at hip-hop SiriusXM channel Shade 45, and I’ve been dressing her up in my jewelry and tagging along with her.

On Wednesday night, we visited DJ Kay Slay again, then we went back yesterday morning for Sway Calloway‘s show. Sway is a music-industry icon. In the 1990s, he gave both Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem their first radio airplay on his local show. (Now he works for Eminem, because Shade 45 is Em’s channel. Lesson: Be nice to people on their way up, because they could offer you a good job someday!) In 2000, he joined MTV as a music-news reporter and was there for some of the channel’s peak years including the “Choose or Lose” bring-out-the-vote campaign in 2004. More recently, he stayed cool while Kanye West had an on-air meltdown.

Here’s Boo on Sway’s show. Highlariously, you can see me on the left starting at about 11:35, as Boo considers turning over her phone to me. As you’ll see, she decided she couldn’t bear to be parted from it.

On the way in, we were excited to meet actor Billy Bob Thornton. I refrained from doing my mediocre Slingblade impersonation.

Say "French friend potaters!"

Say “French friend potaters!”

Boo did so well on Sway’s show that he invited her to stand in for him with his crew today, while he is in Vegas. She talked about the latest celebrity gossip with Tracy G. and Heather B., and then DJ Wonder played a massive Boo set. I have to figure out how to download that. Anyway, with all of this, “Bitchy” has gotten a ton of airplay.

Here’s the official “Bitchy” video. If you’re not familiar with Gangsta Boo, you’ve probably at least figured out from her name that her music is hardcore. If you’re a delicate flower who does not want to see anyone waving a gun in a music video, don’t watch it. You’ll probably swoon and no one carries smelling salts these days.

“Bitchy” is actually pretty low-key compared to Da Mafia 6ix’s recent “Beacon N Blender” video. Boo wasn’t sure she should show ME that one. She did want me to see that she was wearing the big 666 necklace I custom-made for her, but she thought I might freak out out about the rest of the video. I insisted on seeing it and found it very educational. Now I know what it takes to have a thriving cocaine business! Note to self: Look out for thieving employees.


Click the screen cap of Boo and her necklace if you want to see the whole video.

I love that one of the comments on the video on YouTube is, “The Po Po gonna pull over everybody in this video!!” Nah, but really, I’ve seen Breaking Bad. I can handle this.

Just goes to show you that there’s some Wendy Brandes jewelry for everyone. If you’re going to the Oscars, I’ve got you covered. If you’re going to the penitentiary, I’ve got you covered too!

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4 Responses to “Getting Bitchy at Shade 45 With Gangsta Boo”

  1. How do we get to see your Slingblade imitation? Awesome jewelry. xo

  2. stacy says:

    What a hilariously fun day! Boo totally needs her own radio show! OMG, you need to take that phone from her… she didn’t listen to you, LOL.

    You guys both looked great, mmmmhmmm.

    Off to get me some french fried potaters.

    I think Slingblade and Napoleon Dynamite need to do a movie about fries and tots!