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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day, anti-Valentine’s Day or day-after-Galentine’s Day, y’all! Whatever holiday you celebrate is okay with me. I don’t discriminate!

Big thanks to Danielle Prescod of Elle for including three of my designs in an online feature called “Valentine’s Day Jewelry for the Funny Girl.” (That’s so perfect. I am passionate about fine jewelry with personality.) My “Heart You” gold studs are there to represent my sweet side, while my middle finger emoji stud earring and IDGAF necklace represent my easily-fucking-annoyed side. As Walt Whitman wrote, “I am large — I contain multitudes.” Don’t we all?


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Do read Danielle’s captions for her Valentine jewelry slideshow if you need a laugh. You should also follow Elle on Twitter, because the feed is pretty sassy! I LOL’d at these two tweets about the jewelry feature.


Thanks also to the Gem Standard, which also included my IDGAF necklace in post called “Valentine’s Day Jewelry for All Moods.” The mood I represent is “over it all.” Ha!

One person who isn’t over it all is Katerina Perez. She still believes in love and promises, and kindly included my Cleves swan ring in her “Guide to Promise Rings.” Thanks, Katerina!

I’ll leave you with a good song for the day. Love the one you’re with — even if that’s yourself. Wait, especially if it’s yourself!

For more music, check out MTV’s anti-Valentine’s Day playlist.

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8 Responses to “Valentine’s Day (and Anti-Valentine’s Day) Love From Elle”

  1. congratulations! And thanks for the Stephen Stills, he is one of my many Valentines, all but one of whom don’t know me. xo

  2. If you want more LOLs check out Danielle’s instagram for NYFW no-nos. It’s the best. http://instagram.com/danielleprescod

  3. stacy says:

    I like how they’re getting all sassy.
    No wonder they like you 🙂

  4. Michele says:

    Hard to be offended by such a cute little middle finger in gold. Take that Valentine’s Day!