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Monday, February 17, 2014

GeorgeB’s big birthday on Saturday was a lot of fun. After the celebratory dinner, Terri Berry and I lined up with Dad for an updated version of our 1989 birthday photo.


Then we gave him kisses …



… which inspired his sons-in-law to do the same.



My mom and nephew got in on the kissing action too.


We didn’t even have to bribe my nephew with Angry Birds to get him to do this.

My niece looked chic in her purple party dress.


Group hug!

The next day, I showed my nephew what a selfie is.


The word “selfie” always makes me think of Stefon from Saturday Night Live. “If you’re looking to get hurt and go completely insane …”


Click for one of Stefon’s finest club-recommendation appearances.

… “based on the novel Push by Sapphire.” Bwah!

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12 Responses to “Family Photos”

  1. Grand Rapsta G says:

    I love it!


  2. Just awwwww to all the sweet pictures. I miss my dad; he’d be 83, and still full of it. xo

  3. On Friday I taught an excerpt from the novel Push by Sapphire. Stefan is too much.

  4. Should add a “shakes head bemusedly” to my earlier comment 🙂

  5. Awesome…I was hoping for an updated photo of your dad and his two daughters!! You ladies haven’t changed a bit (besides the hairstyles, I mean!!) and the birthday boy looks even more distinguished than he did back then!! Good looking family you all are!!

  6. P.S. Do you choose your anti-spam words yourself?! They are hilarious!! (Shutup, mspiggy…I keep revisiting your reply box just so I can see what the next word will be, ha ha!!)

  7. stacy says:

    Looks like such a fun weekend! Happy Birthday GeorgeB.
    You will find any excuse to use a Stefon clip!

  8. stacy says:

    PS – you look like a pretty version of Phoebe Cates in that first photo.