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Friday, January 10, 2014

Last night, I went to see gorgeous singer/songwriter Nicole Collins perform at Sidewalk Cafe.


Nicole and her guitar player.

When she’s not on stage, Nicole is the director of communications at ProPublica, MrB’s organization. That job apparently attracts musical people!  In 2012, I went to see former communications director Mike Webb perform in Brooklyn.

Here’s Nicole performing one of her songs, “The Edge.”

I wore a vintage Moschino jacket that hasn’t appeared on the blog since 2008.

grafittiWhat Wendy Wore
Jacket: Vintage Moschino (purchased in 2007)
T-shirt: Splendid
Jeans: Acne (2008-ish)
Shoes: Prada (2012)
Purse: YSL (2013)

After Nicole played, a trio called Swampboots performed. They were a lot of fun. You never know what kind of cool musical act you’ll stumble across in New York. Sidewalk Cafe is on Avenue A at East 6th Street. It’s been around for nearly 30 years and is just a few blocks away from the site of the now-closed Life Cafe, which was made famous outside New York by the musical Rent. If you’re a Rent fanatic, looking for a little bit of that neighborhood vibe, swing by Sidewalk Cafe. From there, you can walk over to another place that dates back to before the neighborhood was gentrified: the occult store Enchantments, which is on East 9th Street, between Avenue A and 1st Avenue. Go to the counter in the back and get a custom-made candle spell. In addition to curing your woes with magick, the candles smell nice and look pretty. Years ago, I got a bottle of inspiration there. I think it worked!

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2 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Music at Sidewalk Cafe”

  1. Suz says:

    I love that jacket 🙂 Actually with the shiny red shoes, you have a Dorothy via the East Village thing goin on.

    Was Enchantments called the Magical Child at some point? I think my friend used to drag me in there for luv spell stuff. Its nice to know some things survived. I liked Life Cafe but am sorta eh on Rent. Never saw it (although had the chance and went to the same school as the guy who wrote it. And now I feel a bit guilty…)

    • WendyB says:

      Hmmm, I don’t know! It’s been Enchantments since the ’90s for sure. There used to be more stores like it. Maybe Magical Child was another one?