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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Now that the red-carpet crowd is catching on to my single-earring obsession, it’s time to officially offer a statement-earring companion to all my single studs. January’s Jewels of the Month are my shoulder-brushing single Cleopatra earrings in silver, or in 18K yellow gold with diamonds.

Last August, I suggested wearing one of my 4 1/2″ long Cleopatras — till now sold as pairs on my website — as a single, and said that if you wanted to buy only one of the pair, you could holla at me by email and I’d arrange it. It made sense because the Cleopatra was partly inspired by a single earring I wore in the ’80s.


A pair of silver Cleopatra earrings on model Bree Branker.

Now I’m making it easier and offering my Cleopatra earrings as singles on my website, so if you’re too shy to email me, all you have to do is order the regular way.

The silver Cleopatra single will be made to order, so allow two weeks for delivery. (I won’t be keeping any more pairs of the silver Cleos in stock, so if you want a pair, order two singles.)


$225. Click to purchase.

The 18K yellow gold Cleo single features 68 points of diamonds (there are 100 points in a carat). I currently have a pair in my inventory, so if you order a single before anyone else, you can get immediate delivery.


$4,500. Click to purchase.

Remember, these are long earrings! (Long earrings are long, like cats.) The product photo alone is deceiving. This photo of me wearing the gold Cleos in 2010 gives you the right perspective on the size. The earrings are very lightweight considering the length.


Click for original post.

Actress Kim Cattrall also wore the gold Cleo pair that year.


Superstylist Patricia Field chose these for Kim to wear in Sex and the City 2.

And here’s gorgeous blogger Midtown Girl wearing the silver Cleo pair.


Sex-ay lady! Click for more photos of Cleo-wearing ladies at Fashion Herald.

Some of you might be wondering, “If I am wearing one long earring, won’t people think I lost the other one?” Well, the ’80s were the heyday of big single earrings and, still, many people (especially parents) would ask me, “Where’s your other earring?” My teenage self would snarl back, “It’s the STYLE!!!!” That’s all you need to say: “It’s the STYLE.” Make them feel sorry for not being à la mode like you! You don’t have to snarl, though, because you’re too mature for that. The snarl is implied.

And don’t forget, if you want to ease more subtly into the single earring look, I have dozens of studs for you to choose from. Or do a combination of one Cleopatra and studs, like I did for New Year’s Eve 2013, when I wore a different earring in each of my three lobe piercings. You can glimpse them in this photo I took of my pink eyeshadow.


I was wearing a gold Cleo in my right ear and two different studs in my left. Click for original post.

Now that I think of it, I’ve been wearing noticeable single earrings a lot lately, and fewer people have questioned me about it than in the ’80s!

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2 Responses to “Jewels of the Month: Single Earrings, Cleopatra Style”

  1. drollgirl says:

    these earrings are divine! i love the shape & the design! maybe the silver for me after i get a tax refund!

    off topic, but you have allergies year ’round?! the horror! one of my aunts had that problem and ended up moving to oregon to get away from it. i think it helped. but i don’t see you moving to oregon (me either!)