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Friday, November 22, 2013

MrB and I were invited to the Fresh Air Fund’s ’20s-themed fundraising dinner last night, so I got out the beaded ’20s-style vintage dress that I bought in 2007 and first wore in 2009.


The dress in 2009. Click for original post.

At the party, big fake pearl strands and feather boas were given out as favors, and I added those to my outfit. When we left the dinner, planning to catch a cab, a big stretch limo pulled up. Sometimes you have to get in the big stretch limo, you know? It’s a pleasant ride AND a good photo op.


Here’s a full-length outfit photo taken post-limo.

fulllengthresize2What Wendy Wore
Dress: Vintage, from Decades (purchased in 2007, also seen in 2011)
Shoes: Plein Sud (pre-2003, seen here in 2010)
Clutch: Whiting & Davis
Hair: Julie Matos
Makeup: Tennille Neilsen
Boa and “pearls”: Party favors
Other jewelry: My own designs

It’s hard to see my curly, faux-bobbed hair against those dark backgrounds, so here is another shot of it.


I’ve been meaning to get myself some long strands of flagrantly fake pearls like ones I wore in the ’80s with one of my dad’s old white shirts and my ankle-zip Guess jeans. I had a feeling they’d look good with the black cocktail dress I last wore in 1989.


The dress in 1989.

I rediscovered the dress in my parents’ house this May and managed to squeeze into it.


Holding my breath in May 2013. Click for original post.

Jean from Ghost Tailor let the dress out at the top so it fits perfectly.  All it needed was the right ’80s-worthy accessories. I already had the boots I wanted to wear with it and I figured the party-favor pearls would finish it off nicely, so I did a quick change when I got home to see how it all looked.


Hookerific! I love it. If the Fresh Air Fund has an ’80s-themed party next year, I’m good to go.

The Fresh Air Fund — founded in 1877 — is an inspiring organization that sends city kids to free summer camps and out-of-town host families so they can experience the outdoors. It’s a life-changing opportunity for both the children and families who participate. Find out about donating and hosting here.

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22 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Holiday Party, ’20s Style”

  1. That beaded dress is incredible! You look great in both outfits! (But the first is fave!) Love the curly ‘do too! XXX

  2. Suzanne says:

    That blue dress is gorgeous! Your hair looked fabulous too. Looks like a fun evening…especially with the stretch limo : )


  3. Tina says:

    Great dress!

  4. Poochie says:

    Sassy! I love it!

  5. LOVE the blue dress! Decades seems like an absolute haven.

  6. These pics make my heart happy. Plus, I love re-visiting the 80s. I wish I’d kept some of my party dresses from back in th’ day!

  7. Jenmarie says:

    I LOVE the first outfit and your hair looks amazing! I need more reasons to dress up like this.

  8. nathana says:

    What a fun post! The Fresh Air Fund is fantastic, I escort kids to the Berkshires and we are looking for more host families in Great Barrington, MA. So if you know of anyone there who would like to host a few kids this summer, please tell them to sign up directly or they can contact me. Happy Hanukah and Thanksgiving to you and MR. B and the rest of the gang!! xoxo

  9. Ciara says:

    Oh my, you look utterly gorgeous in that blue dress! But where is the photo of Mr B in his finery?

  10. Wendy, you are a cutie pie. The blue dress is glamorous and the black one reminds me of one I had in the 80s. I like your 1989 hair do.

  11. Paula says:

    Isnt that 20’s era so fun to dress? I mean who doesnt like glittery, fringy things? I wish I could always dress that way to a party…You look fab! xoxox