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Monday, October 14, 2013

This “Fuck Work” holographic sequin tank top by Ashish, available at Browns of London, made me LOL.


£465 at Browns of London. Click to purchase.

Unfortunately, there are very, very, VERY few workplaces where one might get away with wearing this. Maybe it’s better to save this top for after you’ve won the lottery and told your boss to take this job and shove it.

But I bet a whole lot of you could get away with one of my (much more budget-friendly) silver middle finger studs, especially if you have long hair.


My middle finger emoji-inspired stud earring. $35 for a single. $70 for two. Click to purchase.

Browns has other fun fashion items. I’m digging this embroidered TLC t-shirt by Cats Brothers.


£315. Click to purchase.

There’s a “Grace Bones” sweatshirt by Brian Lichtenberg.


£100. Click to purchase.

The Notorious B.I.G. adorns a body-con dress by Abrahamsson.


£120. Click to purchase.

Leroy’s Place turned Tupac Shakur into a ring.


£25. Click to purchase.

But my favorite thing is this mismatched earring pair of John Wayne and Lil Wayne.


£35. Click to purchase.

There are items featuring other mostly musical icons including Prince, the Beastie Boys, David Bowie, Eazy-E, Aaliyah, and Michael Jackson. Oddly, there’s a t-shirt of actor Steve Buscemi too. View them all on the Mini Trend: Famous Faces page.

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9 Responses to “The Perfect Top for a Monday Morning, Plus a Tupac Ring”

  1. Tina says:

    Love it! On my way to work now…

  2. Bartenders in only a *few* saloons I’ve frequented could wear the “perfect top” and get away with it like a boss. Love the “wayne” earrings! I featured your magnificent Venus necklace on my blog today. xo

  3. Too funny. I want that Grace Bones sweatshirt!

  4. Paula says:

    Lol love the grace bones tee….xoxo