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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ta-da! I’m so excited to share this photo of gorgeous singer/songwriter Skylar Grey wearing the crossed-ax necklace I custom-made for her.


Click to enlarge. Warning: Everyone who has seen this picture has become hypnotized by Skylar’s perfect skin.

The crossed axes are Skylar’s logo. You can see it on this sticker.


I’ve been carrying this in my purse for a month, looking for a good place to stick it.

I wrote at length about Skylar when I saw her perform at Le Poisson Rouge during her tour to promote her new album Don’t Look Down. Click the photo of me and Skylar below to read that post, which goes over her bio and includes some pretty awesome performance photos, if I do say so myself!


Meeting Skylar after the show. Click!

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll note that I’m wearing a crossed-ax necklace and Skylar is not. That’s because Skylar’s tour started before I could get her 18K gold necklace and matching earrings to her. Skylar’s right-hand man and I decided it would be too risky to send the pieces to her while she was on the road. So I wore the gold-plated silver samples to give her a preview.  Here’s a closer look at the sample necklace …


Skylar Grey logo necklace.

… and the matching stud earrings.


Skylar Grey logo earrings.

Skylar’s personal versions of these pieces have little diamonds in them — one on each ax. After all, it’s her logo, so she should have something special.

Don’t Look Down debuted in Billboard’s Top 10, so congrats to Skylar for that! You can buy the album on iTunes here. I truly love the whole album but if you want to try on some songs for size, I highly recommend “Final Warning” (which I wrote about here) and its spooky video; “Wear Me Out,” which my friend Jen listens to so much that her young son hums it to himself even when it’s not on; and “Shit, Man!,” which features one of my new favorite rappers, Angel Haze. I also like “Invisible,” which isn’t on this album but can be purchased on iTunes. (The first lines of “Invisible”: “I take these pills to make me thin/I dye my hair, and cut my skin/I try everything, to make them see me/But all they see, is someone that’s not me.”) If you’re not an iTunes person and buy actual CDs (people still do that, I hear), you should get your copy from Target because it has two great bonus songs: “Beautiful Nightmare” and “Weirdo.”

As far as live performances go, if you’re in Los Angeles this week, Skylar is performing at the Grammy Museum on Thursday. Click here to buy tickets. If you’re not going to be around for that, you can keep your eye on her Twitter feed for news on other appearances. Also check out Skylar Grey News on Twitter.

And if you love the idea of ax jewelry, I’ve got single ax studs in 18K gold ($450) and sterling silver ($70).  Hmm … I already had gold sword earrings named for Empress Matilda. My earlobes are getting quite deadly!

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2 Responses to “Skylar Grey Is Wearing Wendy Brandes Jewelry”

  1. very cool! she’s a beauty (you too).