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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The TWERK necklace that I introduced as August’s Jewel of the Month is getting hotter and hotter!


Sterling-silver TWERK necklace. $300. Click to purchase.

Days after Miley Cyrus’s publicity-generating, twerktastic performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, the word “twerk” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. And Miley has teamed with Justin Bieber on a new song called, simply, “Twerk.” The only thing that’s missing is this necklace from Miley’s neck! Billy Ray, where you at? Buy this one for your little girl.

What’s funny to me is that I produced the necklace in June for my pop-culture/social-media-inspired WENDYB by Wendy Brandes diffusion line because the word “twerk” was already pervasive at the time. As I explained in my earlier post on the design:

“Do you want to know how I decide when it’s the right time to immortalize a word or acronym in jewelry form? When the word/acronym is used SO MUCH online that it makes me want to slap the face off the next person who uses it.”

Damn, who knew the usage was only going to escalate?


Here’s how the necklace looks on.

The Oxford English Dictionary did a perfectly fine job of defining “twerk” but my Jewel of the Month post offers a more extensive history of the rump-shaking dance in question. I cover its introduction into the music world in the early ’90s, and also review the twerk milestones of the past 18 months that led up to Miley causing the world to clutch its collective pearls over a performance that will be deemed iconic before the end of this week. I’ve got more videos and links than you can shake your ass at!


Twerking not your thing? I’ve got plenty of other funny letter/word necklaces. Shop them all here. And stay tuned, because next week I’ll introduce another one as September’s Jewel of the Month.

UPDATED TO ADD: When Ciara is teaching Mr. Mickey from Paper Magazine to twerk — well, it’s a twerker’s world, and we’re just living in it.

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2 Responses to “Twerk Mania Takes Over! Thanks, Miley Cyrus!”

  1. Val Sparkle says:

    You’re way ahead of the pulse of current culture!