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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ten days ago, the Internet was in an uproar after Beyoncé Instagrammed a picture of herself sporting a 1980s-perky-news-anchor pixie cut.


Click for source.

Everyone was all excited, debating whether she’d taken out her weave or cut her real hair. I was skeptical, though. Having lived through Kim Kardashian’s short hairdo Instagram in 2012 (actually a wig for a Vogue Italia shoot), I didn’t think the new ‘do would be around for long. Not everyone appreciated my input!


The Monday in question would have been last Monday, August 12. I was off by only four days. Ha! By Friday the 16th, Beyoncé was wearing her hair in a bob.

Beyonce shows off her new hair extensions in Miami

Photo from Huffington Post. Click for source.

I like Beyoncé. Hell, I paid good money for tickets to her concert at Barclays Center earlier this month. But I just can’t get behind what the highlarious Michael K of gossip site Dlisted would term a STUNT QUEEN (all caps mandatory!) hair move. Getting everyone talking but not even having the nerve to stick with the look more than a hot minute? How Kardashian of you! This is why I give big props to Rihanna, who courts attention by constantly changing her hair, but is at least seen out and about in each style for days or weeks. A recent short, curly style lasted about two weeks. She seems to have switched it up for a short, punky mullet. Edgy! I approve.

Meanwhile, I felt very much in style this week. The New York Times published a big article about “bespoke” (custom) jewelry and The Cut blog had a short post about single earrings — both things I’ve been selling for a while. And those stories came out the same month that JCK Magazine mentioned me in a blog post about word jewelry! So stick with me if you want to stay on trend in the jewelry department. Here’s what was on the blog this week, including the bespoke and single-earring posts:


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3 Responses to “The Week in Review”

  1. Alice Olive says:

    My anti-spam is rihanna – how appropriate.

    I had zero interest in B’s hair changes. I saw your tweet and snorted my agreement. Heh.

    B’s a long-hair girl forever. She’d lose too many popularity points with long-haired fillies everywhere if she actually chopped it off. Yes, she works damn hard, but I’ll never take a style tip from her.

    • WendyB says:

      Yeah, she has her own style and it works for her. I’m not mad about that. I don’t want to take any tips from her though, like you say.

      And that pixie wasn’t even a good cut! Too full at the sides.

  2. annemarie says:

    “Everyone needs to stop with the hair, including Beyonce”– geesus, didn’t Beyonce get the memo?

    Neither Beyonce nor Rihanna make music I like and I see them more as massive brands rather than “artists” per se. However, if I had to choose one, I’d go for Rihanna because she’s not as streamlined and seems more aleatory and therefore exciting.