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Monday, June 17, 2013

The famous auction-house Christie’s is having a gay pride-themed online sale of Andy Warhol’s drawings and photos. I wonder how MrB would feel about my acquiring some of those naked male model photos. What?! It’s art!


Click here to bid on Andy’s Self-Portrait in Drag.

To celebrate the sale, Christie’s asked a bunch of folks to answer a Warholian questionnaire, and one of those folks was me! Click the link to see who I think Andy’s 2013 muse would be, among other things.


UPDATED TO ADD: I’m in such good company. Other people who answered the Warholian Questionnaire include comedian Margaret Cho, iconic former Village Voice gossip columnist Michael MustoLena Dunham from HBO’s Girls, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. I die!

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7 Responses to “I’m Having an Andy Warhol Moment”

  1. Alice Olive says:

    I thought FitzRoy would be Warhol’s modern muse. That fabulous, flat feline face would make an amazing portrait!

  2. That’s fantastic – love your Warhol tweet!

  3. Very enjoyable interview! The tweet is brilliant. Fame itself has already had its 15 minutes.

    “Anytime I have to socialize with people, I feel like I’m in costume.” I think you should do a whole post based on that comment if you haven’t already done one.

  4. Great interview Wendy YAY! XXX