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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today, gorgeous client Anne is modeling her sterling-silver Juana skull necklace with white sapphire eyes for us.


Looking good, Anne!

Anne says she was drawn to Juana because “she’s a very refined take on an edgy theme.”


A close-up of Juana. Click to order for $600.

She adds:

“It’s just a really classic design, somehow, and I love her sparkly eyes. She looks like a carving from a New England gravestone–very delicate and decorative.”

Anne is director of product at a software company that serves progressive organizations. The office environment is funky/casual, but Anne likes to keep her look professional because she works with everyone, including clients. Fortunately, Juana fits in nicely. She says:

“I also love that I can wear Juana to work and nobody blinks twice that I have a skull around my neck, because it’s so beautifully executed that it doesn’t turn me into the office goth. On the other hand, hey, I have a sparkly skull around my neck!”

Sparkly skulls make everything better, don’t they? Thanks for sending in the photo, Anne! Enjoy your necklace.

For information about Juana la Loca, the inspiration for this design, read my 2008 post here.


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3 Responses to “Customer of the Day: Anne and Her Juana Skull Necklace”

  1. mystyle says:

    Hi there! This is such a gorgeous necklace and she made a fabulous choice, it looks amazing on xxx

  2. Michael Lewallen says:


    I love your style and creative spirit. Your work is fabulous.

    Another very creative women is Andrea of the site above.. you too are Doppelganger.

  3. Tina says:

    That is ab amazing necklace! It really looks great on Anne!