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Saturday, March 16, 2013

MrB and I are in Miami, happy to have escaped New York’s cold weather for a couple of days. Here’s what I wore for dinner with friends last night, styled in advance by Stacy Lomman.

www2What Wendy Wore
Top: Kelly Wearstler (2012)
Jeans: Acne (2007)
Shoes: Miu Miu (2010)

I want to go to sleep right now, but what if I miss breaking Lil Wayne news?!

UPDATED MARCH 17 TO ADD: I wore the same jeans the next night for a dinner with MrB. During dinner, we discussed Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile and The Poky Little Puppy. I don’t know why those children’s books were on my mind, but they were.

pinktop2What Wendy Wore
Top: Ramy Brook (2012)
Jeans: Acne (2007)
Shoes: Prada (2011)
Jewelry: My own designs

It was a good day to be in Miami …


… because it was snowing in New York City. It was also a relatively good day to be Lil Wayne. I was relieved to wake up and find the rapper hadn’t shuffled off this mortal coil overnight, but damn, that guy has got to quit the cough syrup. That is one addiction I’ll never understand. I had asthma and frequent bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia throughout my childhood and spent years being dosed with cough syrup. That shit’s nasty. Drinking it for fun? Dafuq? Eating cat hair sounds like a better idea to me. Yeah, if I ever have the opportunity to party with Lil Wayne, I’ll bring FitzRoy the cat in my purse and when the sizzurp comes out, I’ll say, “No thanks, I brought my own stuff” and start nibbling on Fitz.

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8 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Warm Climate, White Jeans”

  1. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Luff this outfit! Esp as I live in a “warmer climate” xx

  2. melina says:

    as usual, my favorite thing you’re wearing is that gorgeous red smile!
    gosh, you’re wearing a ring on almost every finger!

  3. sulky kitten says:

    Great outfit – jealous of you getting some Miami heat.

  4. SarahMac says:

    Holy moly I love white jeans! Your outfit is excellent. Also, totally with you on the cough syrup thing that stuff is foul and beastly. Had no idea Lil Wayne was so afflicted. Actually have no idea who Lil Wayne is at all. I need to get out more.

  5. Love the silvery bits with white, as well as the hot pink and sandals. Those jeans are so great on you! I am a klutzy spill magnet so would have to set up traffic cones and caution tape around myself, heh. So glad you and Mr. B. had gorgeous weather for our getaway.

  6. stacy says:

    Ooooh, the white jeans worked perfectly! Love it all!