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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Like more than 108 million other people, I was glued to the television on Sunday, watching the Beyonce concert. You know, the big performance that was preceded by football, and followed by quiet naptime and then more football. I agree with Beyonce that the show was “Gone With the Wind fabulous!”  I was thrilled by her voice, dancing, fierce facial expressions and whipping hair. I loved her black, leather -and-lace bodysuit by Rubin Singer, which looked especially good with sex-ay knee-high socks and Proenza Schouler booties. I practically applauded when her Destiny’s Child bandmates — Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — popped out of the stage, Whac-A-Mole style, in their own little leather outfits.

I must confess that amidst all the excitement, I never looked to see if Beyonce was wearing bling. Until the gorgeous Stephanie Schaefer of JCK Magazine pointed it out to me, I didn’t realize that Beyonce had nary a jewel on her person. JCK, which covers jewelry industry news, obviously keeps a closer eye on celebrity jewelry than I do! Beyonce usually makes that easy because she wears gorgeous, can’t-miss-’em pieces, like the jaw-dropping emeralds that wowed me on Inauguration Day. Maybe she was having a casual day in New Orleans? Anyway, Stephanie asked me what designs from my own collection I’d choose to complement a black-leather bodysuit. It was tough decision because a surprising number of my pieces work with leather. That must be because one of my childhood style idols was Joan Jett. To see what I selected, check out Stephanie’s article.


Also, if you haven’t seen the adorable photos of an elated Beyonce and husband Jay-Z after her performance, click here.

As for the performer at next year’s concert-with-football, I’m going to guess Eminem. He’s got an album coming out later this year


He announced the album date with a hat!

… and his just-updated website says he’s got two movies coming out as well: Shady Talez, a horror movie that’s been in the works since 2009; and a remake of Have Gun, Will Travel that was first talked up in 2006. I have an “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude about those movies, but he’s definitely a busy boy with projects to promote. Considering his mega-star status, sportsanthemworthy songs — plus the huge impact of his 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler — if I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on him. But I’m not really a betting woman. The two times I was in Vegas, all I did was lose $100 in one of those video poker machines. I did find it hypnotic though!

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8 Responses to “Post-Super-Bowl Post: Jewelry for Beyonce, a Bet on Eminem”

  1. Lyosha says:

    very cool indeed. thanks for sharing

  2. Marti says:

    Beyonce looked great and her perfornance was fab

  3. drollgirl says:

    beyonce is gorgeous. she looked beautiful and she sure can give one hell of a live performance. but i cannot stand her music! remember when mariah carey (and whitney houston, for that matter) first came out and they were always trying to hit as many notes as they could to show off and show their range? i feel like beyonce does the same. it just seems like you can’t really hear these people SING because they are trying to do too much. or maybe i am just crazy! lol

    regardless, beyonce’s career is doing just fine without my full support. lol

  4. Oh how she would have had a total wipe-out (in a good way!) if she wore something from your line! Beyonce listen up girl, you NEED some Wendy Brandes bling! XXX

  5. oxinsocks says:

    Beyonce is lovely, but the best part is when she drops her rock goddess sex-ay act and her beautiful smile spills out, showing she is having a great time. It’s fun to watch her have fun!