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Thursday, August 30, 2012

I wore “homegrown” vintage when I went out with gorgeous blogger/designer Stacy Lomman on Monday. I got this polka-dot silk top at the Tahari store in New York’s World Financial Center between 1992 and 1995.

Check out the matching scarf.

There was an Ann Taylor store near the Tahari store. I used to go into those two stores every couple of days and stare at the things I wanted while I waited for them to go on sale. It was like real-life Pinterest.

What Wendy Wore
Top: Tahari (early ’90s)
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Prada (2011)
Rings: My own designs

I hadn’t worn this shirt in several years, but I felt good in it this week, so once again I’m happy that I don’t follow closet-purging rules. Stacy was also wearing a little silk shirt, jeans and wedges, so we had a doorman at the Plaza Hotel take a picture of us in our matchy outfits.

Twins! Sorta.

We were having drinks at the Plaza because it’s across the street from an Apple store that’s open 24/7. I needed a new battery for my computer for weeks, but I didn’t want to face the crowds there during the day, and I felt too lazy to go at night. Finally, Stacy promised me that if I brought my computer in, we could have drinks at the Plaza. A good friend always knows how to motivate you! Now my computer doesn’t shut off whenever it becomes unplugged.  The Spinning Beach Ball of Death is still bugging me though.

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16 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Still Dotty After All These Years”

  1. Uh oh you’re scaring me with the spinning beach ball of death! BTW, I’m now stuck dealing with an intellectual property case. So fun. Creeps. I guess they think us “little guys” are stupid. The scum even used my exact words, so I guess I can add copyright infringement as well. I hope it ends civil as I don’t want to have to go apeshit legal and hire a scumbag lawyer. My lawyer is too nice! Coupled with trying to get the money owed me by a horrid consignment company I feel like I want to go postal most days! Ugh, like I don’t have enough on my plate as it is… XXX Suzanne

  2. sulky kitten says:

    Gorgeous little spotty top, the colours look fantastic on you.If I had arms like you & Stacy, I’d be showing them off at every opportunity.

  3. Love your anti-spam word: taffeta, darling! Gorgeous top, gorgeous you (and Stacy). If I had your closet, I would never purge, for fear of losing true treasures!

  4. Amazing look, per usual!
    Love that you hold onto these fab vintage pieces!


  5. Hi Wendy!

    So great you’re going to be on IFB Conference!
    I truly wish I could be there to meet you in person…

    love from Brazil,


  6. drollgirl says:

    you both look fab!!!!

    i like tahari! that brand works for me many times.

    sometimes it is better to hold on to clothes for years and years rather than chucking everything because it isn’t in style anymore. i have given away waaaaaay too many things in my time. sometimes it takes me months or years to wear new shoes or clothes or to use a new handbag. i know that is weird, but whatever!

    and nothing like a good friend, a drink and an apple store that is late open to motivate a girl!

    there used to be a home depot on sunset blvd in los angeles that was open 24/7. the only way i could face that stupid store was late at night when it wasn’t jam packed with diy’ers. SADLY they couldn’t maintain those hours. d’oh.

    p.s. yes, contacted mom and dad, and family meetings to follow around the holidays. things will be ok — just gotta be prepared & educated & make plans for whatever may come.

  7. That top is so beautiful on you!

    I don’t have regular closet-purging habits and do have the leetle space issue as a result – however, I am of like mind as to the concept and am glad to have “homegrown vintage” treasures in “the archives.” I have done relatively major (for me) operations twice – once due to a significant body change, the other due to cohabitation – and got off lightly, given that there’s just one dress that I wish, wish, wish I’d kept.

    Love your Ann Taylor / Tahari story, and you and Stacey look amazing and happy!

  8. brett says:

    great top
    love the pattern and color
    i always think that style top is so flattering and gives the face such a nice pop of color

  9. stacy says:

    I love love that top. And how nice that we semi matched! Great evening… glad you finally fixed your power cord (cuz that’s all you need…)

  10. Sue says:

    I think we are vaguely same age range …but I adore your no purge attitude. I have generally regretted every closet purge (such BS) and have been much happier since I stopped with that nonsense. Would rather rediscove than mourn.

    I also used to shop without cash/covet in NYC in the early 90s 😀

  11. Tahari is such a great designer – and accessible to the masses. This blouse is timeless, and should get a purge pass for life.

  12. Marti says:

    Love both of you tops, I love color. Also like Tahari and Ann Taylor, we have one of their “prototype” stores here in North Scottsdale and everything in there is Fab!
    BTW Stacey sounds like a great friend.

  13. The dotty top is great.

    As for Spinning Beach Ball of Death, wtf is going on with that? My Mac Air is less than one year old and it’s already spinning like crazy.