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Monday, August 6, 2012

I posted a pair of wedding bands last month. They got put to good use this Saturday when my friends Shawn and Laurrell got married!

Congrats to Shawn and Laurrell!

The ceremony was held in a beautiful spot in Central Park.

Central Park’s Conservatory Garden is on 5th Avenue at East 105th St.

Shawn adores hot pink and butterflies, as you can see from this photo of the fans that were given out.

All the ladies got pink fans.

Shawn doesn’t just adore hot pink. She REALLY, REALLY adores hot pink. She had pink in her bouquet …

On her way …

… the bridal party wore pink …

I dig the pink vests and ties on the men.

… and Shawn’s high/low (aka “mullet”) dress showed off her hot pink shoes.

Here comes the bride!

You know I’m a fan of mullet dresses — I did a Never Is the Next New Thing™ post about them last summer. Shawn is doing it right! A mullet demands a special pair of shoes.

As for the butterflies, Shawn wore a white butterfly fascinator in her hair …

You can find fascinators like this on Etsy.

… and butterflies were released during the ceremony.  Before that, the officiant addressed the couple. She compared Laurrell to a protective oak tree. Guess what she compared Shawn to? (Pssst … it was a butterfly.)

The happy bride and groom.

At the reception, the tabletop decorations continued the hot pink/butterfly theme.

This was the look for the cocktail tables.

There were pink butterfly cupcakes for dessert.

Wedding cupcake.

I considered a number of pink dresses before deciding on the striped one I wore earlier in the week.  I’m getting a lot of use out of this dress.

Me and MrB.

I am disappointed that I forgot to have MrB wear a pink tie. That’s what happens when I sleep through my alarm and only have 30 minutes to get dressed. I miss important details.

In case you’re wondering what Laurrell thought of all the pink — as some of the wedding guests were — he loved it!


And I loved their little dance routine. As the officiant indicated, Laurrell is usually the strong silent type, while Shawn is bubbly and gregarious. But look at Laurrell get down!

Congratulations to Shawn and Laurrell! I hope your marriage is as full of joy (and hot pink and butterflies) as your wedding was.

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23 Responses to “The Bride Wore a Mullet Dress”

  1. deka says:

    beautiful bride, beautiful wedding
    looked like a good time!
    love the dance 🙂

  2. sulky kitten says:

    That’s what I call a good wedding – Shawn looked beautiful in her mullet dress.Loved all the flashes of hot pink and the bride & groom’s dance. Cute pic of you and Mr B.

  3. Beautiful rings, beautiful bride and the fuchsia accents are a nice touch. Looks like a lovely wedding.

  4. drollgirl says:

    well what a fun and vibrant and colorful wedding! and her man was a good sport to wear the hot pink! lol

    i like YOUR dress a lot. perfect for the occasion.

    and the birthday comment you left for me made me CACKLE! thank you! 🙂

  5. Megan Mae says:

    A beautiful bride, a beautiful wedding. I love how well her theme came out. Your dress was a perfect pull though. It’s got a little bit of monarch, and a little bit of hot, hot pink.

  6. stacy says:

    Mullet dress — YES!
    Your dress (looking great with the fan) — YES!
    Cupcakes — OMG, YES please!
    The dance routine — YES YES YES. Laurrell’s got moves! Shawn too.

  7. Sheila says:

    That looks like an awesome wedding! How funny, we actually passed a church on Saturday where the wedding party was just leaving…and the bridesmaids were all in hot pink!

    You look gorgeous, Wendy! I love that dress!

  8. brett says:

    a wedding in central park just sounds so delightful!
    love all the hot pink and the mullet dress was perfect

    • WendyB says:

      The weather was perfect. Just a few degrees away from being too hot. I’d never been in that spot in the park before. So pretty.

  9. I love how your spam words, at least for me, usually fit your posts, like today’s is “azealia” 🙂

    That looked like such a fun, happy wedding, the best kind, you can tell from the bride and groom’s smiles. I love Shawn’s dress, heels, butterfly cupcakes, and fascinator. Thanks for sharing the cool pics and video!

  10. jenny says:


  11. Awww! I should’ve worn a mullet dress at my wedding, too. I had the most fabulous pink shoes but NO ONE SAW THEM! Not even the photos saw a peep of pink. Sad =(

    I had a pink and brown wedding, too! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  12. Christine says:

    What an amazing wedding! Gorgeous bride, hot groom….and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! Looks like the kind of wedding eveyone wants to go to, or to have for themselves.

  13. Deena says:

    The bride and groom looked gorgeous and the party looked like a whole lot of fun. Damn, only went to one wedding this summer. I think I need to play matchmaker with my single friends and family so I can make my future summers more wedding heavy. It’s all about me y’know 🙂