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Friday, June 8, 2012

One of the definitions of “minimal” is “barely adequate,” so I can’t condone minimalism when it comes to jewelry, especially rings. Rings are my favorite jewels because the wearer can easily look at them the whole day unlike, say, earrings, which require a mirror. The more rings, the merrier. The most rings I’ve worn simultaneously is nine. I need to get to ten!

A six-ring day in 2011.

I felt very merry indeed when gorgeous blogger Miss Peelpants posted a collection of ring-wearing style icons.  Check out her post, which includes this photo of my favorite vintage designer, Ossie Clark, and his rings.

Click for source.

Though I must protest her omission of the pianist Liberace.

Liberace. Click for source.

That diamond piano ring deserves some love, Miss Peelpants!

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11 Responses to “The More Rings, the Merrier”

  1. elena daciuk says:

    a diamond piano ring?? gotsta have…

  2. Hey, blame Meriel McCooey not me! 🙂

    Ossie is just impossibly cool. I’m starting to love the multi-ring look, I just need to fight the habit of fiddling with them and taking them off absentmindedly…

  3. stacy says:

    you and ossie are peas in a pod.
    after reading this post, i find it weirdly random that when i came over this evening there was a strange, large ring on the kitchen counter…

  4. Faux Fuchsia says:

    Everyone knows that Knowingly Underacessorising is the Work of the Devil.

  5. Rings have always been my favorites as well. I even have cheapie rings I saved from when I was maybe 9 years old, probably from the gumball machine! I’m in total agreement, when it comes to rings, the more the merrier! I get so annoyed when people make vapid comments saying “Oh but you don’t get the full effect of that particular ring when you’re wearing so many, they get lost and you don’t know where to look first.” Phooey. Focus people, all it takes! I think it gives more visual interest and usually people are thrilled to see so many pretty rings at once! I do so love quite a few of your designs, and one day they will be mine mine mine all mine! And I would love to wear them all together as well! My goodness how could one leave out Liberace? (BTW, I have an “interesting” Liberace story I’ll tell you one day!) XXX Suzanne

  6. Susan Tiner says:

    That Liberace photo is just great. I miss him.

  7. I had never thought of rings this way before, but it makes sense. Time to focus on my ring inventory.

  8. Wow, Liberace is my new Ring Style Icon!

  9. Audi says:

    I love piling on a bunch of rings, especially since my knuckles are a bit knobby and I think the rings tend to soften that feature. I’ve always loved the description of Anna Karenina with her hands covered in rings as a sign of her elegance and status.

  10. Wendy, I adore rings. You may have started a meme here, although I don’t think I have enough for all ten fingers. I only own one thumb ring 🙁

    I love Not Dressed as a Lamb because she always has a ton of rings on. She’s also inspired me to paint my fingernails different colors. Pretty radical for legal staffer 😛