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Monday, June 18, 2012

I can’t let the day go by without wishing a happy 70th birthday to my almost-husband Paul McCartney. I totally would have married the guy, but I have a thing for younger men and MrB doesn’t turn 70 till August. Call me shallow!

From March 2012.

But, seriously, I like what McCartney had to say about age in an interview that ran in the March 1, 2012, issue of Rolling Stone:

“Twenty years ago, when McCartney turned 50, he remembers his then-manager pushing the idea of retirement. ‘It’s only right,’ he was told. ‘You really don’t want to go beyond 50, it’s going to get embarrassing.’ In June, McCartney will be 70 (‘I’m never going to believe I’m 70, I don’t care what you say,’ he says. ‘There’s a little cell in my brain that’s never going to believe that’), and he still has no plans to stop touring or recording. ‘You get the argument “Make way for the young kids,”‘ he says. ‘And you think, “Fuck that, let them make way for themselves. If they’re better than me, they’ll beat me.” Foo Fighters don’t have a problem, they’re good. They’ll do their thing.

“‘If you’re enjoying it, why do something else? And what would you do? Well, a good answer is “Take more holidays,” which is definitely on the cards, but I don’t seem to do that. I love what I do so much that I don’t really want to stop. I’m just kind of casually keeping an eye on how I feel, and onstage, it feels like it’s always felt. So for the time being, the band’s hot, I’m really enjoying myself, still singing like I sang, not experiencing, touch wood, any sort of problems to speak of. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.'”

Macca’s right: You Only Live Once. Have as much fun as possible. Morrissey, take note!

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4 Responses to “My Almost-Husband Paul McCartney Is 70”

  1. Yay for turning 70!

  2. stacy says:

    I love his attitude.
    But, I like your Paul way better!
    OMG, my anti-spam is FitzRoy!

  3. “The band’s hot”…he. is. so. cool.

  4. Melanie says:

    I LOVE that attitude. A guy friend once wrote to me that when men look in the mirror they see the reflection of how they looked when they were 18, unlike women who see what they are like now.