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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you find yourself wildly out of step with the dress code, remember what Noël Coward said upon arriving at a party wearing an ordinary suit, only to discover all the other men wearing white tie and tails:

“Please, I don’t want anyone to apologize for overdressing.”

Photo from the AP, via ABC News. Click for source.

You’re welcome, Hillary Clinton!

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6 Responses to “What to Say When You Didn’t Get the Memo”

  1. Good line!!

    Very old school Helen Gurley Brown “be the girl in the yellow dress”

  2. sulky kitten says:

    I like Hilary, but what the Hell shade of green is that – bilious?

  3. Eli says:

    I honestly don’t see the big deal in this that the media is creating, I think it’s pretty awesome.

  4. K-Line says:

    I love that quote!

  5. Susan Tiner says:

    I admire her sense of humor :).

  6. Elizabeth says:

    God, that is brilliant.