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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re a single lady, give yourself a round of applause. It’s better to be single than be with someone (male or female!) who doesn’t treat you well. You deserve the best! I’ll put my money where my mouth is and say that any lady who orders herself a piece of Wendy Brandes jewelry TODAY will get some kind of discount, depending on what you order. Very inexpensive pieces might get free shipping; certain expensive pieces might … MIGHT … be half off. (The pieces available at Max & Chloe and Broken English are excluded.) Browse my site and then email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com and tell me what you like. I’ll tell you what I can do for you, price-wise.

I'm doing this because I heart you. Click for more information on this custom ring.

Need some ideas? Review my Valentine’s Day Countdown posts:

Speaking of prices, I’ve finally settled on a price for January’s Jewel of the Month, the mini Siobhan ring in four shades of gold: it’s $2,500.

Mini Siobhan perma-stacked stacking ring. Click to purchase.

Because I was feeling Valentine-y, I wore the ring with the heart-shaped diamond, pictured above, to my designing friend Zang Toi‘s post-runway show party last night.  I wear that one on my thumb. I was also wearing six other rings, so I asked MrB to take a picture of my hands. After I inspected the photos, I noted how veiny my hands have become. Let me tell you younger folks — you think it won’t happen to you, but after a certain age, it does. Overnight. It’s strange because I have such vivid memories of being very young and sitting on my grandmother’s lap and playing with the veins in her hands by pressing on them. I thought they were a sign of Methuselah-like age. Now that I think of it, my grandmother was all of 53 back then. That’s young, yo! Anyway, after I commented on the veins, MrB told me they were very attractive veins and lots of people would agree. Good answer! I thought, “Okay, I will let you be my Valentine.” But before I could say anything, he continued, “There are whole websites devoted to veins like that.” OMG WTF! How does he know that? I don’t even want to think about it. I told him I would have to review his application to be my Valentine and get back to him.

After all that trauma, you can barely see the thumb ring.

I could photoshop those veins, but I'm hoping to end up on a fetish site.

From left to right in the photo, I’m wearing the thumb ring, the mini Siobhan, the Gravity engagement ring, my Memento Mori skull ring, the Gravity band, the regular Siobhan and the Diana heart ring. All my own designs, of course. The Minx manicure is the same one that Tracylee Percival gave me on February 1. Holding up pretty well, I’d say. And you’ll see the whole dress in my post about Zang’s show.

Don’t forget to order yourself a jewelry treat today, wimmins!

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8 Responses to “Ladies, Buy Yourself Jewelry for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Okay, today’s the day I order myself a piece of Wendy Brandes jewelry – look for my email soon!

    I get hits on my blog for veiny feet all the time. It’s kind of weird. I’ve also gotten emails begging me to send pictures of my feet. :-O

  2. drollgirl says:

    your rings are gorgeous!!!!

  3. Rocquelle says:

    I’m not a single gal, but I surely believe in treating yourself for Valentine’s Day (or any day really). My exclamation ring was a little treat to myself, and I’m wearing it today :-).

    Sometimes I think my hands are super veiny; I’ve always assumed it comes with having thin hands, lol. I LOVE that you wear like 6 rings at once, meant to tell you the other night!!!

  4. I love that heart ring. Would love to get that on Valentines day. Can’t complain, Mr Style Eyes did buy me a diamond ring (11 years ago!). Perhaps I will have to drop a few more hints next year or like you suggest get it myself.

  5. Scarlett says:

    The rings are fabulous, i agree us girls should treat ourselves :o) Scarlett x

  6. Ha! A fetish site. You crack me up!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I have always loved the (taller) Siobhan ring, but I am in LOVE with this mini version!

    I know about veiny hands. I am so vascular as to look like I have tree roots for hands. It’s awful. Be glad you are so dainty, WendyB!