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Friday, September 30, 2011

A reporter from Japanese newspaper the Yomiuri Shimbun attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference on September 7 and did a story about people wearing prints. My Lego-print Castelbajac dress caught her eye, so I’m in the story, along with some other gorgeous bloggers.

Click to enlarge.

And here’s the online version. Mami, the reporter, asked me why prints were popular and I said, “Prints have become increasingly popular over the past few seasons because they’re eye-catching. It’s a good way to stand out in the crowd. I’ve seen many fashion bloggers mix multiple prints together, but I’m not that daring!” So that might be in there somewhere.

Mami also wrote about the IFB conference on the Yomiuri blog. I don’t read Japanese, so she explained what she wrote: “In Japan, Tavi Gevinson attracted attention when she was invited to a Marc Jacobs show two years ago and sat in the front row. In the blog, I wrote how influential a blogger can be, like Tavi, in the U.S. and introduced the Bloggers Conference, mentioning the advertisement thing discussed by the panelists and saying many of the bloggers at the conference were fashionable and pretty, though many Japanese may think that bloggers are otaku.” “Otaku” basically means a computer/video-game geek who never leaves the house, so I’m glad Mami was able to clear up that misconception.

Speaking of IFB, founder Jennine Jacob was featured on the Barneys New York blog, The Window. When Barneys asked Jennine, “What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?”, Jennine answered, “Wendy Brandes once said, ‘Wear what you want.'” Aw, shucks, Jennine! Thanks for the love.  And thanks to Barneys for the unintentionally amusing post title, in which my long-time fashion philosophy was incorrectly attributed directly to Jennine, despite the fact that she made a point of quoting me. The title? “‘Wear What You Want’ Says Blogger Jennine Jacob of The Coveted.” Ha!

From the Barneys blog. Jennine takes such good photos. Jealous!

I’m in the habit of having near-misses with Barneys. In the summer of 2008, one of their jewelry buyers had selected 12 styles of mine for delivery in January. We were supposed to meet again in December so she could see any new designs I developed and make her final choice.  As you might recall, the economy collapsed in September 2008, so that was the last I heard about that deal. Clearly, that’s why Jennine answered the question “If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York, what would we find you wearing in the morning?” this way:

“The Mary Katrantzou Vienoua dress with the Derek Lam Fede boots I’ve had my eyes on for a while. God knows what jewelry I’d put on…”

Jennine couldn’t think of any jewelry to wear because mine isn’t available. Duh! Barneys should rectify that immediately, don’t you think? We don’t want Jennine to get locked in there without her favorite jewelry designer to console her.


UPDATED TO ADD: Guess what! Barneys changed the headline on Jennine’s interview, but you can see an image of the original one above. Still haven’t gotten an order for jewelry though! Maybe that’s coming next?

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29 Responses to “Big in Japan … and Big at Barneys, in a Weird Way”

  1. Cameron says:

    “Two women enter, two women leave… with Wendy Brandes swear rings.” #BeyondThunderdome

    Otaku is not that far from hikkomori, another Japanese term for someone who doesn’t leave the house, but due more to fear of the outside world than beating up Mr. T, LIGHTS and Mila Kunis in World of Warcraft, FYI. 🙂

    Ahh if only red, green and blue snakeskin weren’t so expensive per pelt; I’d love to do a tribute dress re: RGB pixels like those on CRT monitors and TVs! 😀

    And I still can’t wait to be your travelling salesperson, driving in my Reliant K, blowing the doors off the Mustangs and hooking up boutiques with your rings of awesome. 😀

  2. Megan Mae says:

    Your Castelbajac dress is real a winner. I love the print.

    I hope Barneys changes their mind in the future! I\’ve been spreading the word of Wendy Brandes awesomeness to my some new friends, and can only hope people can be able to stumble upon your work in stores.

  3. Amy Nievera says:

    If we petition Barney’s to start carrying your jewelry, do you think they’ll do it?

  4. Sally says:

    Wait, don’t you have “wear what you want” trademarked yet? 😉

  5. Congratulations to you and Jeannine…two classy ladies with excellent taste get much deserved recognition!! I see more and more prints that are bold and unique, that I really love lately…do you think it is a result of designing them on computers?

  6. OK, I’m a rube. I’ve only been in Barney’s once, and the man in the full riding gear (incl crop) scared me right out the door before I could get the $1300 sweatshirt. But for a WB jewel, I might give it another go.

  7. déjà pseu says:

    Barney’s definitely needs to carry your jewelry, Wendy. Your designs fit so perfectly with their aesthetic. Jennine looks great in those shots. Glad to see her getting her props.

    Congratulations on being Big In Japan! Castelbajac should comp you more pieces.

  8. jennine says:

    Oh my! Hopefully you can get into Barney’s soon enough!

  9. Tina says:

    I love that the article appears above an ad for ginger…or that’s what I am guessing it is. And Barney’s should just get with the program already!

  10. Susan Tiner says:

    So disappointing that the Barneys deal fell through!

    I love the lego dress and you would look great in that kermit outfit.

    Did I tell you how much my daughter loves the lotus with sapphire pendant? She gets a lot of compliments when she wears it. I always tell her to remember to mention that it is a Wendy Brandes piece.

  11. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear-I say Barneys need to get their fingers out and get your pieces instore PDQ!! Have a great weekend xx

  12. Lara says:

    The two of you are so cute together!
    God, I love the layouts for Japanese magazines… such a jumbled mess and so many pics! You deserved the big one!

  13. Eli says:

    Wendy Brandes says that Jennine Jacobs says that Wendy Brandes says “wear what you want”

    Ohhhh Barneys!

    Congrats on being big in Japan! I wonder what the whole ginger root thing is about.

  14. What an amusing blog post. Congrats to you and Jennine on your respective features, but hey Barneys needs to do something about the whole thing, that;s for sure!

  15. Hey I followed the link to Jennine’s feature and I see a different headline… Did they change it?

  16. lisa says:

    You look super kawaii, not otaku at all! Congrats to you and Jennine on the well-deserved mentions.

  17. All of this just shows how wonderfully influential you are!

  18. ‘Wear What You Want’ is a brilliant statement and gives us confidence to be who we are. Time for you to start getting credit AND to start selling at Barneys.

  19. Yay Wendy… wearing what I want! Telling the whole Paris you said it. Je jure!

  20. Jacqueline says:

    This is a perfect case to test the powers of blog/blogger influence. I expect to see your line sold at Barneys within a matter of months.

  21. The Styley says:

    I’d sign a petition to get you into Barneys. And I’m glad the Castalbajac dress is getting worldwide recognition.