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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I broke a fashion rule yesterday by wearing one designer head-to-toe (with the exception of a few accessories). I’ve never understood the proscription against the head-to-toe look. Yeah, it would be too rigid to wear one designer head-to-toe every day. And it would be blinding to be completely covered in an ostentatious logo. But who the hell knows where a particular pair of black shoes comes from except a Condé Nast editor? In fact, if I were a clothing designer who did a wide range of product, I’d demand that everyone I know wear my look head-to-toe. I were Calvin Klein, for instance, I’d check everyone’s underwear and jeans to make sure my name was on them. As it is, if any of my friends acquire a new piece of fine jewelry that’s not mine, I throw him/her the shank-eye before saying, “Oh, that’s cute!” in an obviously fake way.

What Wendy Wore
Top: Prada (2011)
Skirt: Prada (2011)
Shoes: Prada (2010)
Purse: Studded Sonia Rykiel (2009), accidentally held backwards
Watch: Hermes (2002)
Earrings: My own Cleopatra design
Necklace/rings: All my own designs

I’ve never owned any clothes by Prada before — just accessories. I got the top and skirt during a hunt for daytime separates that weren’t jeans and black t-shirts. The constant wearing of jeans and black t-shirts is starting to get me down. I don’t like where the top is hitting me, so I’m going to have Jean of Ghost Tailor hem it a little.  Other than that, I feel enthused about the non-t-shirt look.

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52 Responses to “What Wendy Wore: Violating the Anti-Head-to-Toe Rule”

  1. Andrea says:

    you look beautiful! love the bag and shoes!

  2. joann, sidewalk chic
    Twitter: joannssidewalk

    I love the pattern on your skirt! And I think you’re right — no one will know it’s all one designer unless everything had a really big logo. And like you said, just about every designer would love everyone wearing their designs head-to-toe.

    Your anti-spam words crack me up — mine this time was 4thelolz, which is often why I come visit, well — that and the awesome jewelry and fashion, of course.

    • WendyB
      Twitter: WendyBrandes

      Hmm, that reminds me it’s time to add some new anti-spam words! I like to keep them fresh.

  3. Tammie says:

    Beautiful as always !! Of course your jewelry just makes the whole look PERFECT !!

  4. lisa says:

    Pretty in Prada! I like.

  5. Pam @over50feeling40
    Twitter: over50feeling40

    Wendy, there is no way this look breaks any rules..you look amazing!! I love it!! How cool that its all Prada!

    • WendyB
      Twitter: WendyBrandes

      Never thought I’d have any Prada clothes — they’ve never appealed to me. But who doesn’t love a blue pineapple?

  6. Kasmira says:

    Looking FABULOUS head to toe, lady!

  7. Rocquelle
    Twitter: ConsiderMeLuvly

    Such a lovely look! I adore navy instead of black, and that skirt is beautiful!

  8. Rebecca says:

    I usually try to avoid wearing one brand from head to toe too, but I might now if I had enough Prada to make an outfit. Or any Prada at all.

  9. Megan Mae says:

    Omg! A pineapple skirt. A blue pineapple, at that! Wendy, you just won the internet. Thanks for accidentally joining Fruits Week!

  10. Sally
    Twitter: sallymcgraw

    Yet another style rule that makes no sense … good on ya for eschewing it!

    • WendyB
      Twitter: WendyBrandes

      I swear, people observe a worst-case scenario (like the LV-logo jumpsuit some singer wore years ago — I’m sure — but I can’t find a picture) and invent some rule to deal with it. But most people aren’t the worst-case scenario, and the worst-case scenario people are in denial!

  11. Mardel says:

    OMG that skirt is fabulous! And you look great. No one would know that its all one brand, and who cares anyway.

    I feel like having a blue pineapple by the pool right now.

  12. Absolutely, why not? You look so polished and cute!!
    By the way, I’m not much of pumps kind of girl but those are fascinating me. They look like perfection–the squareness and then roundness is really simple yet beautiful. x

  13. The Seeker says:

    Oh you look FANTASTIC!!!!!
    And you can break all the rules, you always pull it of :)


  14. It’s light and pretty, like the garden flowers. Very good choice. It is so hard to get away from all black or black and white. Navy is so friendly to black but a lot more carefree. Like it a lot.

  15. Hooray for breakin’ the rules! I also hate the ‘don’t wear vintage head to toe’ mantra that some bloggers have. In case you look costume-y, apparently. Well, I see no problem with that!

  16. Audi says:

    That’s great that you ended up with clothes from a designer you hadn’t bought from before; I love it when I find cute clothes from unexpected sources. That pineapple print is fantastic!

  17. Kathy says:

    Are you in Cali?? Was just in Berkeley and think I recognize this tree.
    Lovely as always, doll!

  18. nathana says:

    I love that top, and the skirt would be nice with a black t shirt too.. LOL xooxox

    And I have a thang for prada shoes, too.. sorry, i just do..

  19. Susan Tiner says:

    My anti-spam word is gawjuss, just like you!

    Rules are made to be broken.

    Which necklace are you wearing?

  20. Helen F says:

    And why on earth shouldn’t you.
    Gee if I could afford it I’d wear head to toe Chanel

  21. Ofelia says:

    You look radiant and so sophisticated! You did Prada your way and that what matters. By the way I adore Sonia Rykiel; I used to have 5 of her 80’s dresses.
    Also where are you? California?

  22. Tina says:

    You look like a tall drink of…blue pineapple!

  23. Fajr | Stylish Thought
    Twitter: stylishthought

    I think the only time anyone can tell is if you’re in head-to-toe vintage or head-to-toe Gap. There’s something about the Gap.

    Oh well if you like a designer that much why not wear all your favorite things together.

  24. Eli says:

    This would have been a perfect time for the James Jean Prada fairy purse!

  25. Vix says:

    There’s no way you’re breaking any rules. You look gorgeous. xxx

  26. Lynn says:

    Hey, whatever happened to the trademark “Wear what you want” motto? You looked fab, and the top length looks just fine to me (but that’s just me!).

  27. Smaggle
    Twitter: ladysmaggle

    You amazing. Those shoes are doing dirty things to your legs… just thought you should know. :-)

  28. brett says:

    Does wearing head to toe TAR-JAY count LOL
    I adore that skirt!

  29. The Style Crone
    Twitter: judithstylecrone.com

    Absolutely stunning and irresistible. Rules are made to be broken anyway.

  30. Lara says:

    It feels so good to get out of a daytime clothing rut! You look adorable!

  31. patni says:

    Back in the day I used to be so envious of the girls who wore head to toe Contempo. Now I am envious of you! Not only one designer, but from the same year! kaboom !to the rules, you look as usual fabulous.

    • WendyB
      Twitter: WendyBrandes

      Oh, I was jealous of head-to-toe Esprit. I only had one outfit like that! Some people had one for every day! Ah, memories.

  32. Kristin
    Twitter: BonBonRoseGirls

    Head to toe large and in charge logos…ick. Head to toe beeeeeeeeeeautiful Prada…thumbs up!

  33. Marie Denee
    Twitter: mariedenee

    WENDY!!!! I have been following you on Twitter, yet never had the pleasure of checking out your posts!

    I LOVE breaking the rules and I am such a proponent for breaking a few rules for self expression and I absolutely LOVE this skirt you have on! FABULOUS darlin!

  34. Kath Noll says:

    A stunner in blue! Ever fabulous, WendyB!

  35. Tiffany
    Twitter: tiffanyiamstyle-ish.com

    Love it! You look fantastic. Love the pineapple! You should’ve completed the look with a Prada bag :)

  36. stacy says:

    You look lovely. Could have used some cool as shit shades (maybe Prada… nah, vintage would have suited you perfectly).

  37. Tracy says:

    For Prada, you can make an exception. Right? Very nice. Gorgeous blue on you.


  38. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix
    Twitter: dailyclothesfix

    Yay for (subtle) pineapples. I love the cut of your top too. And the shoes are amazing. So I fully support your top to toe look. There goes another fashion “rule”.

  39. Mordrian
    Twitter: Mordriane

    I recently saw those same exact Prada 2010 black shoes and i LOVED them! I didnt know who brand they were, so thank you for helping me out. Great outfit!

    x mordrian

  40. Bonnie
    Twitter: GlamKitten88

    If you are going to wear any designer H to T, Prada is the way to go. You look phenomenal.