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Monday, March 21, 2011

I am thrilled to see my Clemence necklace featured in the April issue of InStyle! (Thank you, InStyle contributing editor Marion Fasel!) My piece is the black and white necklace on the right side of the page below.

Click to enlarge.

Clemence (1293 – 1328) was the second wife of King Louis X of France. In the historical novels Les Rois Maudits, she is portrayed as a pious woman who, after the death of her husband, consoled herself with jewelry. I figured she would like a piece with two big stones in it. I designed the necklace after I designed a variety of Clemence rings:

Clemence ring with two black spinels. Click to shop.

Clemence ring with two rock crystals. Click to shop.

Clemence ring with rock crystal and black spinel. Click to shop.

Clemence ring with citrine and amethyst. Click to shop.

Clemence ring with kunzite and rock crystal. Click to shop.

The necklace can be customized to match any of the rings. The rings themselves can be customized with the stones of your choice. All the pieces are made with a hefty amount of matte 18K yellow gold. If you’re in the market for fine jewelry, these pieces are an unusually good buy because I see that I haven’t adjusted the price to reflect the skyrocketing price of gold (now over $1,400 an ounce). I will have to change the price after my existing inventory sells out, so act fast.

The rock-crystal Clemence ring on a finger.

I’m also delighted to have been interviewed recently by Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style and Kristin Larson of msn.com. If you write about me, don’t forget to let me know so I can tweet and Facebook you. I’ll also link to you on my blog. Interviews get linked here and other mentions go in the Thanks for the Love column on the right side of this screen.

UPDATED TO ADD: If you’re in the L.A. area, you can try on the Clemence ring with two rock crystals at Broken English.


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26 Responses to “My Clemence Necklace in April’s InStyle”

  1. Eli says:

    I think your quote is dead on! My toes havent seen the light of day in months!! Please Mr Sun come out soon! What happened with that stupid gopher?!

  2. Congrats! Great mention Wendy!! I’ve always loved this design. I’m a huge fan of geometric jewelery. BTW, I owe you a pic of my lovely text heart ring! Can’t count how many compliments I have received.

  3. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear-fabulous coverage by InStyle, congratulations indeed, the design is so very unique and stunning xx

  4. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl
    Twitter: juliaohso

    Awesome, Wendy!! Congrats on yet another cool editorial feature :)

  5. Congrats girl!! The necklace is lovely:)

    Twitter: gritandglamour

    Congrats, Wendy! I love so many of your pieces. Just wish I could afford the price of gold right now…I’d buy Empress Wu off you in a second flat!


  7. deja pseu
    Twitter: dejapseu

    Hooray, Wendy! This is such a fabulous design, one of my favorites in your collection.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve worn the ring, and I can testify that it is fun to wear, and made me feel powerful!

    I just spotted the necklace in the issue this morning! It looks great, and the shot is nice and clear. Congratulations!

  9. Tea For Two says:

    A massive congratulations on the magazine feature! Talent like yours deserves to keep getting noticed.

  10. Susan Tiner says:

    It is always a pleasure seeing your jewelry featured and learning more about the pieces in your collection, especially the historical inspiration. It sounds like between her jewelery and thirteen Paris and Normandy estates she had plenty to console herself with!

  11. Ale says:

    Congratulations!! Very unique piece, loved the story behind it and how you recreate the jewelry to make it modern.

  12. a stylized hysteria
    Twitter: _najeema

    Congrats, Wendy! I especially love the ring in all black and all crystal.

  13. Such a gorgeous necklace, congrats on the coverage!

  14. Lara says:

    I finally got my issue in the mail on Friday. It was the 1st thing I looked for! Congrats!

  15. Great coverage – and I like the Clemence collection, the black stones make it look quite Art Deco-y.

  16. Jill says:

    congrats, chickadee!

  17. Awesome!
    I love every piece.

  18. Big congratulations, those pieces are absolutely stunning! Well done!

  19. Ofelia says:

    Congratulations Wendy!!!!
    You are not only an artist but an amazing and very knowledgeable women of the 21st century!!!

  20. Jacqueline
    Twitter: drtyshinyprtty

    Awesome! Congratulations! The black and crystal Clemence necklace/ring have been some of my favorite pieces from your collection since I first found your site. Love the geometric shapes, contrasting colors, and thick gold bezeling. Together they create a very striking beautiful piece.

  21. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix
    Twitter: dailyclothesfix

    I love the necklace and rings. Congratulations of being featured, I can see why they included you. I find my knowledge of history improving as I read the inspiration for your pieces. Thanks. Your blog is edifying and fun.

  22. hiyaluv says:

    amazing! you go girl:) i love seeing your work in print;)

  23. The Style Crone
    Twitter: judithstylecrone.com

    Beautiful pieces and congratulations on the great press. Well deserved!

  24. maya says:

    Congratulations, Wendy!
    Love your pieces especially the ring versions!! Beautiful. So glad for your feature in InStyle! Congrats again!!

  25. Amy
    Twitter: pintucked

    You make the most beautiful jewelry. I need to win the lottery so I can buy everything!