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Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s been like 1982 around here because I can’t stop listening to Rush.  “Subdivisions” sure rang true for me in high school.

My best friend and I had crushes on Rush vocalist/keyboardist/bassist Geddy Lee.

Geddy Lee. Hotter than Justin Bieber could ever be.

The bassists always get to me.

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28 Responses to “I’m in a Rush Today”

  1. Lara says:

    I would’ve never guessed you a Rush fan! Glutton for punishment I guess but the drummers and lead singers always got me.

  2. Marian says:

    Love that you are a Rush fan! This post got me thinking of high school. I miss High school

  3. Ann Tindall says:

    My gorgeous husband is a bass player! I know what you mean about bassists, they are cool without needing all the attention (or trying too hard)! I can’t wait to show him this post!! Thanx for sharing!

  4. OMG..blast from the past or what?????
    I totally remember this group..and loved them too..how funny:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Free People Giveaway!!♥

  5. Then you must watch this video of Bob and Doug MacKenzie’s 24th anniversary special, with cameo from Geddy Lee. The humor’s pretty Canadian, eh, but wait for the doughnut cake (must be Tim Horton’s!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kkYhCX1uqQ

  6. stacy says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone having a crush on that dude 🙂 My college boyfriend loved that band… hmmm… perhaps a little too much!

  7. Cameron says:

    Bassists get to me, too, including Peter Hook, Cliff Burton and Lemmy.

    Also: I look forward to the day you have a crush on me when I turn up with a bass of my own. ;P

    And “Subdivisions” is one of my favorite songs from Rush! I’m also partial to “Tom Sawyer” and “Roll the Bones.”

  8. K-Line says:

    I have to say I’m surprised 🙂 Have you seen the recent documentary on them. Really fascinating. I don’t much love them but they’re ubiquitous here. Geddy Lee lives in TO and I used to see him at this coffee place in Rosedale all the time.

  9. Reva says:

    thanks , Wendy !
    I tried to give options and ways to support while buying something 😉
    i sometimes need a shoping fix during a crisis 😉

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Spagetti Lee!

    I saw Rush a couple of years ago, and they had a wall of working chicken rotisseries onstage.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I misspelled it:

    It should have been “SpagHetti Lee!”

  12. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear-hope your weekend is not a rushed one, have a good one! xxx

  13. Susan Tiner says:

    You can laugh gummy bear AND peanut M&Ms out of your nose? I stand in awe of your awesomeness.

    My sweetie plays guitar.

  14. Lynette says:

    Just last night while dining at 3 Doors Down, my friend from work Sarah and I were talking about bass players, how sexy they are. I also mentioned that as far as I’m concerned, the bass makes the music what it is.

    Of course I shall wear that hat when you come to Portland to visit, WendyB. By then I will have surely located the dozen or so others that I have, and we can wear all of them, interchangeably. Deal?

  15. - Tessa says:

    How ironic – my sweetie just bought me the Signals CD (and 6 others from a used store because he knows how much I love RUSH) and I have been jamming out to it! And, of course, time travelling in my head to the past.

  16. Ofelia says:

    Wendy, Rush is one of must influential bands of all times. And geeky cute!!!
    I saw them in concert ages ago!!!!!

  17. erica says:

    Thanks for your comment! I see you love music like me!!

  18. Eric says:

    I’m going to be in the Limelight when I exercise my Free Will and buy that Red Barchetta I’ve had my eye on.

  19. Sheila says:

    I would never have guessed you for a Rush fan! We have all their albums and they are the best band I’ve ever seen live. I hope you loved the ongoing tribute to them in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, and as K-Line above says, you should see the documentary about them by Sam Dunn (of “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” fame, and from my home town), “Beyond the Lighted Stage.”

    Bassists are sexy. 🙂

  20. Omigosh, Rush are from my hometown so Geddy Lee sightings are not uncommon! So funny that you love him. We are proud of them.

  21. Oh yeah and that street they’re cruising down at night is Yonge Street which I used to cruise down in high school 🙂