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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gorgeous blogger Sheila of Ephemera declared the week of February 28 to be Leopard Week, inspired by my vintage leopard gown by the late Patrick Kelly.

I wore this on February 27. Click for post.

Sheila did a round-up of the participants here, but I wanted to give them some extra recognition. Here they are! Click the photos for the original posts.

Sheila of Ephemera.

Laniza of Getting Fine.

Pam of over50feeling40.

Megan Mae of Megan Mae Daily.

The Style Crone.

Tat of Rate My Outfit.

Lorena of Lorena's Every Day Wear.

Style Underdog.

Yvonne from Fashion RECON.

Jac of Dirty Shiny Pretty.

Tessa Scoffs.

Dreamy Girl.

Karen from The Outfits of a Twin Mummy. I'm going to do this for my next manicure!

Genuine Lustre.

Emma of Daily Clothes Fix.

Stef of Style Sideshow.

Misfits Vintage.

Retro Reva of Revas Rags 2 Roses.

Anika of By Anika.

La Historiadora de Moda of Fashionable Academics.

Jentine of My Edit.

Princess Poochie of Shoe Daydreams.

The leopard-wearing continued even after Leopard Week. Here are a few of those ladies.

Elissa of Dress With Courage.

Fajr of Stylish Thought.

Jill of Stella's Roar.

And Frances of Topaz Horizon has been working up the nerve to try red lipstick and leopard. I hope she strikes the WendyB pose when she wears that combo!

There are so many more examples that I can’t fit them all in this post. I’ll have to do a follow-up one of these days.

On a totally different topic, The Huffington Post has posted a list of organizations that are aiding Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Remember, donating money to such organizations is much more effective than trying to send food and clothing to places where there might not be much access.

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43 Responses to “Epic Picture Post: Bloggers Looking Grrreat in Leopard”

  1. Tina says:

    Am loving all the different leopard looks you’ve collected! BTW: Did you know that Frosted Flakes are called Zucaritas in Mexico?

  2. ofelia says:

    Wendy you look amazing!
    You did justice to the great Patrick Kelly.
    I remember his collections and how he died so young!
    Thanks for the information on The Huffinton Post.

  3. I missed out on all the leopard fun??? The Patrick Kelly is pretty tough to beat. One of my favorite pics of you, careful I might mug you for that dress.

  4. (my word is joyous, yay!!)

    how did you pull this off?

    leopard and black lace and what else do you need.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Leopard week was a roar! Pardon the pun. I couldn’t help myself. I love seeing how one print can translate into some many great looks. It gets me in the mood to start having more fun with what I wear. When is the next fashion themed week and what’s the focus?

    P.S. In regards to my blog post don’t worry I totally stalk you.

    P.P.S. Now I feel creepy like a real stalker. Please don’t call the cops on me. I would really miss reading your blog in jail.

  6. Fishmonkey says:

    Amazing! Really dig these looks, although must admit that I owuld probably just wear shoes, since that’s the only animal print I have.

  7. Lenya Jones says:

    Omg! Total fierceness! Love it when the ladies embrace the leopard.

  8. A sterling effort by one and all! I only own a leopard print scarf now but it always works well with anything. The pose stance is becoming default which is fab! xx

  9. Lee Oliveira says:

    WOW.. Wendy.. you leopard long dress almost gave me a heart attack.
    Your lipstick is so Chanel.

    I love Anika’s outfit too
    Lee x

  10. Dusk says:

    Oh myyyyy…. what a purrfect pride of Felines!!! Beautiful! all of you but I have to say… Wendy!!! Oh you Goddess you!!! You take my breath away!
    …and Misfits Sarah is just splendid! I love her!

  11. Stunning leopard looks!
    Especially loving your gown and that awesome manicure!


  12. Yes, WendyB, I am planning to wear the combo this week! I already modeled it for the hubby who promptly dubbed me, “Pebbles!”

  13. Thank you for inspiring our ‘leopard love’ with your Patrick Kelly dress!

  14. LOVE all the leopard…these ladies look fab….LOVE your dress Wendy, its truly breathtaking!!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Chic Metal Earring Giveaway!!♥

  15. deja pseu says:

    Oh, this put a smile on my face this morning! Everyone looks so fabulous and now I know which scarf I’ll be wearing today!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I love seeing how different people put leopard to work in their wardrobes. There are some very cute looks here.

  17. Megan Mae says:

    So many stylish ladies in leopard! I love how everyone did their own spin on such a classic print. I still think your Patrick Kelly dress takes the cake!

  18. stacy says:

    That leopard manicure is crazy cool!
    I think I need to break out my ocelot cuffs…

  19. Wendy says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Your dress is absolutely awesome!!!

    TOTALLY enjoyed this post.

  20. mystyle says:

    Hi my dear-amazing pics of everyone, they all look great, Sheilas dress looks gorgeous indeed!! xx

  21. Style Eyes says:

    I love leopard print. In fact I have just bought myself a new leopard print hat today.

  22. Misfit Sarah says:

    Hey Wendy,

    Wow – thanks for including me on this fabulous leopard lovin’ ladies list! Every day is leopard day for me.

    Sarah xxx

  23. Simone says:

    This is a great post. So inspiring to see so many diverse, beautiful women all rocking leopard print!

  24. Reva says:

    Oh my goodness !
    It’s me !!!!
    I am going through my missed post comments and thanks so much !!!!
    I am flattered 🙂

  25. I say roar… kitty cats … roar. You are the glamest!

  26. Laura says:

    Leopard print: gotta be the most versatile and downright awesome print ever. Looks great worked in so many different ways. Everyone looks gorgeous!

  27. Hi Wendy,
    Terri at Rags just told me that you had my picture on your site and she’s right…you do! Thanks so much for including me among all of the ultra fabulous ladies! I so appreciate it! Come on over for a visit some time to my blog…this week I am reporting from the bloggers conference in Austin! Thanks again.

  28. Gorgeous shoes from Style Underdog.

  29. My favorite is Tessa’s shoes!

  30. That’s a whole load of wonderful, inspiring posts. You and Sheila should be very proud of what you have created. And thanks for renaming me Leopard. I take it as a compliment of the highest order. 🙂

  31. eyeliah says:

    I miss leopard print, it was all “rid of” by my friends when I let them help me narrow down my closet. I think somewhere I still have hidden away one pair of flats and a sheer scarf.

  32. K-Line says:

    Wow – this is some big time meow! Great shots.

  33. Sheila says:

    Wow, thanks for the link and the mention, Wendy! You rule.

    Yeah, that’s why I didn’t post pictures of everyone – way too much work. I know how long this took – thank you!

    • WendyB says:

      OH MY GOD! I was dying! And with a slow wifi connection too. I must be crazy. It was awesome of you to organize everyone to do this. I loved looking at all the pix.

  34. laniza says:

    Thanks for the shoutout! You’re the queen of leopard, after all :)!

  35. Great pictures. I Absolutely LOVE you in that dress xx

  36. Anika says:

    Hi sweet Wendy, thank you so very much! Everyone looks great 🙂 I sewed my dress from a scarf and it has become my fave dress of late 🙂 I wear something leopard each and every day lol.

    Hugs from Oslo!