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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singer Maluca sashays down the street with curlers in her hair in her El Tigeraso video, but the style statement that really caught my eye was her orange-red-floral-on-black jacket.

Maluca in El Tigeraso. Click to play video.

Another screen cap from El Tigeraso.

The color and print reminds me of the ’80s shirt that I wore in October.

WendyB in October. Click for my original post on this outfit.

Next time I wear that shirt, I’ll pop in some curlers and do it Maluca-style. The question is do I go for plastic like she did or should I branch out with Diet Coke cans like Lady Gaga?

Gaga in her Telephone video. Click for an awesome parody.

Too bad Diet Snapple bottles are too heavy! I’ve got plenty of those around.

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15 Responses to “Fashion Repeats Itself: Maluca’s Floral Jacket”

  1. Joy D. says:

    I can'[t believe I pulled a craving for diet snapple out of this post.

  2. stacy says:

    Hmmm, maybe stale “Peeps” can sub as rollers?
    Festive, no?

  3. Love the rolled up jeans … so femme and happy.

  4. anh says:

    you look great!!! and thanks for the blog comment. love your blog and jewelry designs!!!! you are my inspiration.

  5. mystyle says:

    Hi there-I love the floral biker jacket and I think you would look so cute in curlers, lol!!

  6. Miss Janey says:

    “Curler’s in your hair- shame on you!” Actually, it doesn’t seem that bad… more like big HairBling.

  7. lisa says:

    Coke can curls was a look that Brittany Murphy also rocked in the makeover scene in Clueless.

  8. eli says:

    They all have this vintage Betsey Johnson twist that I like!

  9. BD says:

    Looks like the floral leather jacket from Erin Magee’s FW09 Mademe line


    (the final product had a slightly larger print)

  10. ediot says:

    wicked shots. i love both your jackets! and rollers look so good on some.. like mary kate with those coke bottles too.. hope you’re enjoying your holidays darling wendy and that the sales are good.
    take care


  11. Possibly bright red cans since you’re the goddess of red lipstick. Happy birthday, voted for you x

  12. maya says:

    I thought it was Betsey Johnson at first. Love singer’s jacket and your shirt too. I just got an old black dress with tiny red flowers from Goodwill and am planning to make it into a maxi skirt, but love large floral pattern in your post.
    thanks for your comment!

  13. tiny junco says:

    i used to wear those colored plastic ‘butterfly clips’ to set my hair in the 1980’s – seemed to work out okay.

    love the orangey-red on black floral! it’s vintage and ‘holiday’ all at once! perfect with rolled up jeans. steph

    p.s. my word is ‘sidnancy’. uh oh.

  14. Catie says:

    Aack! I was at the grocery store the otehr day and saw a case of Diet Snapple and IMMEDIATELY thought of you and Jeninne. Proudest blogging-related moment of 2010, hands down. Haha.

  15. Enid P. says:

    no coke cans… But you are dead on!! I like that…