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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oversize Argyle

Moschino Cheap & Chic, $198 on Yoox.com. Click to buy.

JC de Castelbajac trench coat, $580 on Yoox.com. Click to buy.

Whimsical Sweaters

Moschino Cheap & Chic sweater, $280 on Yoox.com. Click to buy.

JC de Castelbajac sweater, $375 on Yoox.com. Click to buy.

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12 Responses to “Great Minds Think Alike … Moschino and Castelbajac”

  1. A BIG yes to the BIG argyle.

  2. Cameron says:

    I love that argyle trench! It’s something I’d actually wear if I had nearly $600 to spare!

  3. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-just adore the last jumper, how unique and stylish!! Yes the Dior jacket was a gorgeous bargain, hope to see a pic of you in it if you get the chance!! x

  4. Natalie says:

    Argyle — yes! And stripes. Preppy can be great.

  5. Can’t decide which sweater I like more. I have a Pringle-obsessed boyfriend so have had enough argyle to last me a lifetime, but horse-sleeved can mosey into my wardrobe any old time. It is almost a shame that the horse head isn’t at the other end of the sleeve though, as then you could use it to surreptitiously steal food from other peoples plates.

  6. Aww… that horse sweater is adorable!


  7. Not a big trench fan but the JC de C version is quite snappy!

  8. Love the Moschino C & C skirt!

  9. I love that last sweater with the horses head. I am such a pony girl it would look so sweet with my Luella skirt. Mmmm wonder if I can track that down to ship to London or just hop on a train and head to Paris… yeah like my life is that glamorous.

  10. These are such fun pieces, Wendy! The “Warm” Moschino sweater is too cute and the horse sweater is too funny! Love it!

  11. enc says:

    I love all these cool things you’ve unearthed. The trench is my favorite. 😀

  12. deja pseu says:

    Is it wrong to love that horsey sweater??