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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My gorgeous friends Jen and Kevin are getting married today! I’m so excited for them.

Jen and Kevin at my New Year's party.

I had the pleasure of creating their custom wedding bands. Jen requested something wider than the typical band, and Kevin wanted a Celtic/tribal feel. I was happy that they each chose a design that suits their individual style. Some couples come in thinking they need to have matching rings. I always ask, “Do you wear identical outfits too?” If anyone ever answers “Yes” to that question, I will have to alert my friend Cheryl, who hates couples wearing matching clothes (“It’s so unnecessary,” she says). She will speed to the scene and slap some fashion sense into the perpetrators.

MrB and I once went out in complementary prints but it was an accident. Don't hurt me, Cheryl.

I made both rings out of 14K white gold. That’s all the similarity that was needed. Here’s Jen’s ring.

Ring by Wendy Brandes. Photo by SquareMoose.

Here’s Kevin’s ring.

Ring by Wendy Brandes. Photo by John Muggenborg.

And here are the rings cuddling.

Photo by Marc Abusch.

Congratulations, Jen and Kevin!

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30 Responses to “Strike Up the (Wedding) Bands for Jen and Kevin”

  1. They’re so very different indeed! Congratulations to your friends 🙂

  2. Brie says:

    Love them! Gorgeous rings!

  3. Too right! Unless the rings are going to spend their whole time OFF the fingers (in which case, what point the wedding), then it makes sense to wear what you actually like.

    I love Jen’s ring most, of course (not being a Celtic lovin’ dude).

  4. Christine says:

    Jen and Kevin are a gorgeous couple and their rings are stunning. They’re really beautiful Wendy.

    Congrulations and best wishes to them for a long and happy marriage!

  5. Great rings and congratulations to your friends! I wanted a wedding ring with diamonds in it so went for a pave set. Both of this rings are gorgeous!

  6. Shybiker says:

    Beautifully-designed rings. That’s wonderful for jewelry whose importance transcends fashion: these rings are for a lifetime of love. You should be proud!

  7. deja pseu says:

    Those are gorgeous! May they wear them in health and happiness.

  8. Wendy, very nice, especially the flush set diamonds.

    Also, I just saw the ring that you created for Deja Pseu. What a gorgeous design and I love the mix of colored metals.
    You do beautiful work.

  9. Rosie says:

    They are so gorgeous! I really love Kevin’s ring.

    My Dad got himself and my mum matching bands for their 20th anniversary (Mummy lost her original making sandcastles with us), and it works because they both love them.

    • WendyB says:

      Love it when matching designs work out for both parties. But what I usually face is one unhappy party who feels like he/she MUST have a certain style to match the other. Why be unhappy with something you’re going to wear that often?

  10. IndiviJewels says:

    Congrats to the lovely couple and welcome to the club. I do love Jens ring, it just sparkles.

  11. stacy says:

    Great looking rings for a great looking couple!

  12. K-Line says:

    Cuddling rings are the best. And they are gorgeous!

  13. What a lovely couple Miss Wendy, and what stunning rings you created for them both. Or were made for us as well, and they compliment each other, but do not match, we still love them as much as when they were new… perhaps more.

    Hope your weekend is fun and fabulous, just like you. 🙂

  14. hiyaluv says:

    i love your work. these rings are so beautiful. i need to get my butt in gear with planning our wedding. it has been stressful with family so far and we just want to take our time—a concept that many feel is ‘delaying’ the marriage and of course that must mean there is something ‘wrong’ or we would just frantically be planning-i digress..

    anyhow, we are more and more thinking of a destination wedding-i love love love your work. when i figure out what i want-and what he wants-or when we get to that step-i will have to check in with you:)

  15. Joanne Faith says:

    Couples in matching clothing, haha that would be a sight!! The rings are gorgeous, very nice work and craftmanship xo

  16. enc says:

    Beautiful rings for a beautiful couple! I hope they will be very happy together. (I hope the couple will be, too. 😉 )

  17. Great rings Wendy. I actually like the groom one a lot (tribal fan). I totally agree that rings don’t have to match. I would want something unique.. with a vintage feel to it.. maybe some little purple stones.. hmmm lol

  18. Gorgeous, Wendy! I love the idea of mismatched wedding bands! Thanks for sharing this inspiration:)


  19. Natasha says:

    I can’t believe that there are couples who dress identically. Your friend Cheryl is fighting a noble battle.

  20. Matching rings are so out… mine and sweetie’s are different. And perfect this way.

  21. Kristin says:

    Congrats to the lucky couple. Such beautiful finger candy they get to sport now!

  22. Caroline says:

    oh i love her band! so unique and classy … great designs!

  23. savvy gal says:

    Her ring is cute, very simple but elegant.

  24. apparellel says:

    holy…… hotness! you look amazing in the that plunging neckline. wowza!! and i am so loving the rings you designed. perfection.


  25. Those rings are beautiful – how wonderful it must feel to know that you designed something they’ll be wearing forever!

  26. drollgirl says:

    congratulations to them!

    and i love the ring for her! beautiful!

  27. Alicia says:

    Those are beautiful!!! I love how the compliment even in their non matchiness…I guess that’s what color coordinating will do…yeah. Ok, I’m going to end this now because it’s reached a high level of awkward.