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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hillary Clinton sashayed over to the United Nations on Sunday wearing a cheap-ass-looking hair clip, meaning she’s again in the middle of a fashion-related uproar.

What the fug??? (Photo from Huffington Post.)

Search online for “Hillary Clinton hair clip” and you’ll see about 700 related articles. Some peeps are saying the clip is a fashion crime. Other peeps are outraged that the first peeps would comment on anything sartorial about the Secretary of State. The second peeps are all like, “Bitches, you wouldn’t comment on a MAN’S hair clip.”

In June, I did an interview with the Washington Post in which I said that female politicians are unfairly persecuted for their fashion choices. In particular, I defended Hillary and her lack of interest in fashion, saying, “I think Hillary Clinton has just been tormented by fashion over the years, and I think we all need to accept she does not have a stylish bone in her body. It is okay, she is focused on other things.”  (I love that the comments I got from assholian Washington Post readers either called my reasonable opinions “boring, trashy”/”garbage” or criticized my appearance. When are we going to institute mandatory IQ tests before allowing people to comment on teh Internets? Long overdue, I tell you.)

My personal fashion policy is in the header of this blog: Wear What You Want™. But, as I pointed out in January 2009:

“Obviously, “Wear What You Want” doesn’t apply to every situation. You shouldn’t wear a boob belt dress to a funeral. Nor should you wear a skin-tight, backless white halter dress to your first day of work as an intern at CNN.”

I guess I need to add: “Nor should you wear a cheap-ass-looking hair clip — just like the one I got at Duane Reade for $1 and keep in my bathroom for use while I’m washing my face — when you go to the U.N.” This look is indefensible. It’s distracting when someone looks like she didn’t finish getting dressed. It’s not just a female issue. If a man showed up unshaven, with his tie undone, that would be distracting too. The hair clip is so bad that it makes me wonder if Hillary was having an attention-whore (aka Bai Ling) moment because she had a craving for a little negative publicity. To quote a comment troll who once visited this blog: Explain yourself, Hillary Clinton!

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47 Responses to “Drawing the Line at Hillary Clinton’s Hair Clip”

  1. Brie says:

    What was she thinking? That fashion flub just asking for people to make snarky comments about it.

    *shakes head*

  2. Eva says:

    I share your “Wear What You Want” policy, but also the opinion that it doesn’t apply to all situations. This case is not about a bad choice of accessory, it’s about not looking professional where that was mandatory. I definitely don’t think it was a Bai Ling moment though 😉 (I’d like to believe that) Hillary is way above such stunts.

  3. Personally, I would have reached for a scrunchie.

  4. Poochie says:

    I have a clip like that, and like you, it is for face washing purposes only. I don’t even see those very often here in Fashion Exile.

  5. I have to say she does look like she has forgotten to take it out.. I hate those clamps I mush prefer hair sticks and then if you do forget to take it out .. it looks much more stylish xx

  6. She looks plumb tuckered out, poor lady. Like Bill is keeping her up late.

    She really does probably need more help than she’s used to.

    Come on, Hil – we love you.

  7. sharon rose says:

    Hi my dear!! Hahaha, I think its all very hilarious indeed!! x

  8. Retro Chick says:

    I’m entirely with you on the “wear what you want” policy.

    However I am perfectly prepared to say that is a hideous cheap hair accessory and there are far better ways to keep your hair off your face without looking like a 5 year old.

    I would say exactly the same about a man who wore short trousers and knee high socks in his professional capacity!

  9. I’m a student of the “Wear What you Want” Theory, but this shit is unforgivable. Not only are her edges snatched (i.e. balding) the clip just makes her look unprofessional.

    And Bai Ling would have at least worn a matching nose ring to match her 90’s hair clip! lol

  10. Haha – I agree 100%. I saw this photo last night and was thinking, “Hillary looks like she’s about to go wash her face. WTF?”

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  11. cdp says:

    It looks like she just forgot that she had it on her head.

  12. She looks a mess to me…..and that hairclip? has GOT TO GO…………..

  13. Eric says:

    What we didn’t hear is that shortly before this interview she did a photo exclusive for ‘The People of WalMart’. Uh-huh, Arkansas roots?

  14. Miss Janey says:

    Agree… looks unprofessional and should not happen. Granted, she’s not very stylish but she is smart enough to know better than this.

  15. Wooow, she looks like she was in the middle of make-up and an emergency happened. Surely this can be her only excuse. Xxxx

  16. It is ghastly, but she must have been having a truly bad-hair day. I wonder what her other options could have been: a hairband (eek); a scrunchie (ugh) or a barrette (too young). What *does* a woman of a certain age and stature do when she needs a quick uplift?

  17. Eli says:

    oh no she didnt! this is the same thingy I use when I flat iron my hair, in all fairness, maybe she forgot she had it on her head?

  18. Ms. P & C says:

    Could not agree more! This is simply tragic. I have to say, it’s sartorial decisions like this that make people appear less than reliable. In fact, it makes me question HRC’s good judgment overall.

    It would be a beautiful world if we DIDN’T judge powerful people based upon their appearance, but we do. People that tell you differently are hypocrites.

  19. Polgarra says:

    I think I agree with your dressing policy. I think there is a lot to say about how much skin in showing or how tight something is depending on the situation. BUT if you want to dress up or dress down to go to the super market, I am ok with it. If I want to wear a long sweeping dress to study in, that is fine. Enjoy your clothes.

  20. Faux Fuchsia says:

    This is one of your funniest posts yet. Frankly, if someone can’t get themselves up 15 minutes earlier to action a hairdo appropriate for the UN do we want them in charge of Impotant Things like foreign policy? And surely, surely with all the Clinton millions Ole Hil can have a professional on standby with a GHD and parlux dryer to whip her ‘do into shape. It’s one small step away from wet hair in public (crosses self).

    • Amy says:

      Oh no, what’s wrong with wet hair in public? That’s totally my MO!

      As for Hillary, is this a paparazzi shot? Did someone sneak in and snap it when she wasn’t ready? She couldn’t possibly have worn that thing from her hotel/place of residence, into the car, through the car ride, and then into the actual UN? She must have felt the clip in her hair? Or at least a lackey should have said, “Oh hey, Hillary. You might want to take that out.” Someone???!!

  21. TheShoeGirl says:

    Snooki wears a hair clip in public. She’s a celebrity.

  22. enc says:

    Those hairclips generate outrage in every quarter, but they’re handy things to have around for face washing and such. I wonder if she just forgot she had it on?

  23. Ok, where were her assistants and who let her get out of the car like that? Fired!!

  24. enc says:

    After I made my previous comment, and then walked away from the computer, I remembered something amusing. Some time ago, when Miss WendyB was in town, she and I spent a whole day together. All that day, I had a similar clip holding my then-very long hair up in a bun. I was tired of all that hair, and wanted it out of the way.

    I’m sure I didn’t look like the height of fashion, and probably even looked entirely passé, but Miss WendyB never once gave me any cr@p about it. She truly subscribed to her “Wear What You Want” mantra that day.

  25. firefly says:

    Just…why was she wearing THAT? She doesn’t even normally wear something like THAT hair clip…

    By the way, your anti-spam hates me. What is dou&It;me?

  26. Shybiker says:

    I agree. It’s not a gender-slur; it’s an appropriate criticism of inappropriate appearance.

    I can’t walk into Court with my trousers hanging low, showing off underwear, and a high-ranking government official can’t look like this at the U.N.

  27. Joy D. says:

    She looks very soccer mom. Like she doesn’t have time to get ready. Honestly I don’t care what she wears, I am more concerned with her policies and agendas.


  28. stacy says:

    NOT a good look.

  29. Nickie Frye says:

    HAHAHA!!! I hadn’t seen this photo yet. What on EARTH?! It looks like she pulled her hair back to wash her face & forgot to take out the clip. Hilarious! (Get it? Hilar-i-ous! HeeHee).

  30. Dale says:

    Wow, it does look like she rushed getting ready and forgot to take it out.

    Even one of her old headbands would of been better.

    Of course, a man would get less comments regarding his appearance…

  31. Thanks for the giggles. I was nodding emphatically like a maniac at my computer the whole time. I agree female politicians + fashion = overly scrutinized (moreso than men, natch) but also agree that it is comparable to unshaven, tie-less ruffled man-politician, in that it is unprofessional, disrespectful, and just not nice to look so disheveled (even if she wasn’t aware it looked that way).

    After all, what are politicians if they don’t care about their appearance? Isn’t that everything to them?

  32. maya griggs says:

    HA-HA-HA, poor lady just like you said doesn’t have single fashion bone in her body!!! Just let it all down, Hillary! No hair bands or clips for you!!!

  33. Lynette says:

    Well, I never! Mama said, “Maybe she didn’t have time.” Time for what? To go out of the house or apartment or office looking like a woman in charge? She’s so high profile she had to have known this look just wouldn’t cut it. I am not very happy with this woman who holds such a high position in American government. Yuck!

  34. Jennifer says:

    A simple tortoiseshell barrette or at least a non-metallic coated plastic clip might have been less obvious and might have sneaked under the radar. I agree she shouldn’t be judged on her choice, but I also agree that you need to put some thought into your choices when going to someplace like the United Nations… it’s a bit more highbrow than the corner store, people.

  35. Jill says:

    Just saw this on Fashion Police…me thinks someone should gift Hillary with Read My Pins…MA was always just impeccable.

  36. It does look like she forgot to take it out after she washed her face in the morning. I’m kind of surprised no one on her staff mentioned it to her though. Too diplomatic (haha)?

  37. OK, the anti-spam word for this post is OMGF@#! which pretty much sums up how I feel about that clip.

  38. drollgirl says:

    shit. you totally beat me to this post, and so did 400 other folks!

    glad to see that the hair clip is getting its due. it is FOR AT HOME ONLY! behavior modification is in order for those that are wearing hair clips in public! yeesh!