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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I didn’t get to a lot of shows during New York Fashion Week because I had a big non-fashion-related event on Saturday, February 13, followed by the all-day Independent Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence conference on Monday, February 15.

The Saturday event caused me to miss my designing friend Zang Toi‘s show for the first time in years. I was so sad, especially when I found out that a model took a wrong turn off the runway and wound up — according to one version of the story — lost in a closet. I miss all the excitement! At least I got to see Zang himself in the center of New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham’s Fashion week photo spread.

I also got to see Zang the day after his show for a Valentine’s Day celebration/Chinese New Year banquet. MrB was out of town so I skipped my usual Valentine’s Day Moschino heart dress and wore my heart-adorned Gemma Kahng leather vest instead.

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger with my gorgeous friend Natasha. Photo by Matt Paco.

I might need to expand my heart wardrobe before my anniversary in July. I would have loved to have this Jeremy Scott dress — even though the heart looks a bit like a bib — but it’s sold out.

Click for more information.

This Yves Saint Laurent “le smoking” suit with a heart lapel is more serious. Perhaps too serious.

Click for more information.

The Alexander McQueen heart-shaped peep-toe shoes are fun and (relatively) subtle — not that subtlety should ever be a consideration.

Click for more information.

You know you’ve taken blogging to heart when you start mentally shopping for other bloggers. When I saw this heart-corset t-shirt by Victim, I immediately thought, “Queen Michelle!”

Click to buy it for Queen Michelle.

Which piece do you heart the most? If you’ve seen other good heart clothes, leave a link in the comments!

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49 Responses to “My Hearts Will Go On”

  1. Cute post title, WB!

    I heart all these hearts, especially yours!


  2. Poochie says:

    I love the “bib” dress. I wish it wasn’t sold out! I’ll have to settle for wearing heart shoes.

  3. miss j. says:

    nicey miss b.! paris hilton’s got her line of shoes with a heart sole on it. Would be great to complete the combo. However, she’s on a dispute case with another brand for copyright so maybe she’s not doing it anymore.
    oh well, hearts rule. don’t forget to add your heart necklace on the list!

  4. I too heart the heart bib dress….lush!

  5. Tina says:

    I don’t think that YSL jacket would be too serious if you didn’t wear anything under it.

  6. HAHA my verification word was “ZOMG”.

    Okay, spazziness apart:


  7. Tam says:

    love it all! i, too, am obsessed with hearts!

  8. I don’t care if it’s got hot hot bib ack-shun going on, that Jeremy Scott dress is hawt. It seems some eBay sniping must be planned!

  9. Sally says:

    The peeptoes get my vote.

  10. Iron Chic says:

    ooo, the Jeremy Scott dress for sure!
    Wearable and sexy!

  11. janettaylor says:

    Love the McQueen peeptoe. 🙂

  12. Senti says:

    Vivienne Westwood has gone a bit heart crazy of late. Her collaboration with Melissa has produced a rainbow full of heart shaped candy scented (yes, that’s right, the shoes smell of candy) shoe options in their Lady Dragon range.



    Her Chancery handbag range has some cute heart shaped handbag options:


    …and the new collection that’s just been shown at London fashion week had some ultra fab fanciful plaid heart detailing which sounds weird but looks wonderful.

  13. Fasshonaburu says:

    those heart peeptoes are killer! I must have

  14. sharon rose says:

    Hi there!! I’ve got a silk black and red Celia Birtwell heart blouse (not vintage, from her Allders range, 2005), I’ll have to do a post on it, I’ve only worn it once but I do love it!! Love your picks, your vest is definitely the nicest!!

  15. MizzJ says:

    Ooh I actually really like the YSL tuxedo jacket! It just looks so saucy to wear a heart pattern like that and it doesn’t look cheesy!

  16. Merilin says:

    Ciao Wendy! Thanks for stepping by! You have a lovely blog, will try definitely to keep up with it;)
    Sending you sun from Rome,

  17. I heart the McQueen peep-toes!

  18. Love the bib dress as well. How about mixing it up with some heart cut-out lingerie for the anniversary, I’m sure Mr. B would be quite pleased.

  19. Eli says:

    Love the jeremy scott dress…I think that it would be a perfect addition!

  20. I actually think the Jeremy Scott dress looks like it has a french maids apron stuck to the front of it! Where is that feather duster, darling?

  21. Lottie says:

    nice post!

  22. eyeliah says:

    oh that Queen Michelle tee, hadn’t seen that yet. Adore!

  23. Vint Junky says:

    The YSL smoking jacket is amazing.
    I don’t think it would be too serious if worn alone!

  24. apparellel says:

    that tee is so queen michelle. haha! i love the jeremy scott “bib” dress and i love the ysl suit. gorgeous. and now i am going to be on a mission looking for heart stuff. great vest by the way, and thanks for the hug!


  25. KD says:

    I love that vest!

  26. Winnie says:

    I adore the bib dress and that jacket, can’t beat a cute heart motif! Your vest is awesome too!

  27. stacy says:

    I love that heart vest and that’s an adorable photo of you!!

  28. enc says:

    These are all great! Serious or not, they’re all cool in one way or another. In fact, I love the suit for you; it’s be brilliant with your red lips. And those black patent heart/peep-toe shoes. Get ’em both!

    I love the vest as an alternative “heart” clothing item for when MrB is out of town.

    (HEY! I see myself in this capthca! ‘OBSVMODE’!!!)

  29. Alicia says:

    I think you could make that YSL jacket a lot less serious.

  30. My fave is definitely the YSL.

  31. Nathalie says:

    Your lovely vest reminded me of this heart cut-out dress:

    This dress’s color-block resembles a heart:

    Wow, that’s a long link. This is my first time commenting, and I love my captcha! It’s the title of a period film from a year and a half ago that starred Keira Knightly.


  32. Midtown Girl says:

    Lol – I totally shop for other bloggy loves all the time..it’s too much fun not to 😉

  33. thanks for the b’day wishes!!:)!

  34. Lenya Jones says:

    I think that YSL Suit is TDF! But I think you do the Jeremy Scott dress.

  35. Wow it has to be that dress!

  36. Susan says:

    lovely pieces!

  37. CHICMUSE says:

    LOVE IT.


  38. marian says:

    Thank you for you thoughts on my post on blogging. think your heart piece is the best! oh you forgot to add the diana heart ring to the post!

  39. Maddy says:

    I love these heart inspired pieces you picked out! I especially love those heart shaped peep toe pumps!

  40. atelier says:

    I’d go for the YSL, it’s gorgeous!

  41. Jennifer says:

    I’m totally blown away by the YSL jacket. It’s something I would love to wear.

  42. Smokin’ the YSL jacket – get them all go heart and soul for it! Please shop for me even though I have no money.

  43. Benedicte says:

    I thought those shoes were really cute!

  44. The YSL jacket is amazing. I need to DIY myself one soon.

  45. Queen Michelle says:

    Yes, I do indeed love that t-shirt. I Heart it even!
    Needless to say all charitable purchases are welcome.

  46. ThatGirl39 says:

    I love your ♥ vest but the shoes are a favourite… of course!

  47. budget chic says:

    I like that black dress with the heart details, so cool!