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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great news for those of you who will be in New Yawk on November 20 and 21: I am doing a pre-holiday sale at my very own Wendy Brandes Jewelry pop-up shop! Please come to 48 Greenwich Avenue (near Perry Street) to meet me in person and try on jewelry. As a bonus, I’ll have some clothes by my designing friend Zang Toi on sale as well. Bring your friends to try on rings and other lovely things!

Wendy Brandes Pop-Up Shop

Dates: November 20 – 21

Hours: Noon – 8 PM

Location: 48 Greenwich Avenue

Try on the Cleves ring for size at my shop.

Try on the Cleves ring for size at my shop.


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25 Responses to “Pop In to My Pop-Up Shop”

  1. jennine says:

    omg that is going to be so great! i love the cleves ring!

  2. Lizzi says:

    If I were in NY rather than AZ I’d be there. I love the Cleves ring!

  3. I want the Cleaves ring!!!

  4. Alicia says:


    I hope you sell everything. Twice.

  5. Jennifer says:

    That’s so amazing Wendy!!! Great things for you!!! I can’t wait to see you at the shop.

  6. Oh yes. Now that I no longer live in NYC you open a little pop up store. You wicked, wicked girl. I LOVE the ring!

  7. Come and do one in London!!! Wish I could be there…

  8. grechen says:

    oh..that is my favorite ring!!!
    wish i could be there 🙁

  9. enc says:

    You’re popping up everywhere!

  10. Thom says:

    Not living in New York is balls.

    Also – the anti-spam word was “iheartu”. The hell is going on Brandes?

  11. Alice Olive says:

    How cool!!

  12. Midtown Girl says:

    HUGE smile on my face…;-)

  13. issa says:

    OMG how amazing!! congratulations and hope it turns out well! come down to texas dear!

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  15. Eyeliah says:

    Oh good luck with the pop up store! 🙂

  16. Ela says:

    Oh how fabulous! People are going to end up with some fabulous Holiday gifts…for themselves too 🙂

  17. Why oh why am I’m in midst of my tough deadline – I pop on a plane. It will be fabulous!!!

  18. sr@mystyle says:

    Hi there-Sounds just brilliant, wishing you much success with it my dear!

  19. Great fun! I hope you sell out!!

  20. Pop-up shop makes me think of pop-up books and I love pop-up books. Ooh, I want a pop-up book of WendyB’s pop-up shop.;-)

  21. janettaylor says:

    only a word: AMAZING!


  22. YAY!! Bringing Hazel to her first pop-up store. So much better than her first shopping trip to Costco for paper towels. I’m thinking fabulous WendyB jewelry will wipe that from her shopping memory.

  23. Poppy says:

    i love that ring! it’s so nice

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  25. jessica says:

    YAY for I will be in new york, will try to find my way and stop by, and thats a beautiful ring.