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Monday, November 23, 2009

I’m wearing a very special dress for a very special occasion tomorrow. While I was combing out my faux-ny tail late last night (it’s not a party without a faux-ny tail!), I realized I urgently needed a metallic Minx manicure to complete the look. Minx is not a polish; it’s a film that’s applied with heat to the nails. It gives you a completely opaque look. Luckily, even at midnight, I was able to make a Minx appointment via Bliss Spa‘s website.

I’m very satisfied with the results.


Unluckily, I was unprepared to have numerous women run after me on the street, yelling, “Miss! Miss! Where did you get your nails done?” If I had known this was a side effect, I would have postponed my manicure to a day when I wasn’t feeling extremely grumpy. Consider yourself warned.

"F@#!! I'm not in the mood to talk about my nails!"

"F@#!! I'm not in the mood to talk about my nails!"

Minx can last a week or longer if applied and cared for properly, according to the company, leading a few magazines and blogs to write about the product as if it’s an iron-clad guarantee of the ultimate long-lasting manicure. I’m going to be realistic. My nails are weak and bend easily, I type all day, and I frequently use my nails to open necklace clasps and poison rings. That combination means traditional nail polish usually chips within a day or two. I won’t be surprised if I manage to damage the Minx sooner than I would hope. To me, the point of getting it was the look, not a long-term commitment, though I would love for it to last forever.

When I do something, I go all out, so I got a Minx pedicure too. If you’re easily disgusted by feet, stop reading now.

Are the anti-foot people gone?

Is it safe to proceed?

Oh, screw them. I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone’s anatomical phobia. That said, I don’t think this photo of my foot with a Sonia Rykiel purse is going to launch my foot-modeling career.



I didn’t deliberately match my toes to my bag. It was a happy accident!

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70 Responses to “Minx Manicures: Not for the Antisocial”

  1. Winnie says:

    Wow, I would love to try this out one day. Your nails look so awesome!!!

  2. Nina says:

    omg, your pedicure…it’s amazing!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Those nails are pretty fabulous — I’d probably run after you to ask about them, too.

  4. KT says:

    #1- As always, you are the shit.
    #2- LOVE Bliss!
    #3- My anti-spam word is magnolia. Just like my fave scent of product from Bliss. It’s a sign.

  5. tiffany
    Twitter: tiffanyiamstyle-ish.com

    I love it!! I think you started a new trend… matching your toe nails to your bag.

  6. Bridgette says:

    OOOh my word verification is goddess. I freaking love that word. Wow.. Minx.I will see if they have that here in Belgium anywhere. It looks very beast. Which by the way I work with middle schoolers..that is a new “in word” for cool. I am trying it out to see if only kids can use it. It feels funky.=)

    I hope your grumpiness passes, I like fiesty but happy Wendy.

  7. PinkBow says:

    oh wow, your manicure is amazing. i haven’t seen this before, thanks for sharing.

  8. luxirare says:

    I really love the “f&*&*” rings you designed!!!

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  10. miss sophie says:

    i LOVE your minx manicure!! i was just thinking about trying this out myself as we head into holiday season…

    your pedicure is pretty kick-ass, too! i’m all for loud and crazy mani-pedis :D

  11. prashant says:

    Wow, I would love to try this out one day. Your nails look so awesome!!!

    Lingerie Indulgence

  12. TheShoeGirl says:

    I learned about this from our friends on Atlanta Housewives… but YOU dear… perfected it! I love it. :) See you next week I hope!! xox

  13. Topaz Horizon
    Twitter: FrancesASales

    I’m booking an appointment with the nail salon after seeing this post! I doubt they have that amazing silver polish but I’ll try my darndest to find that shade!!!

  14. I have wanted properly silver fingernails like that forever! They look utterly amazing!

  15. Kristin
    Twitter: BonBonRoseGirls

    Holy awesome pedicure batman. Did you growl at the passerbys who harassed you?

  16. M says:

    It looks amazing, looks like molded metal! me wants!

  17. deka says:

    i love those nails!
    i’m totally copying you :-P

  18. Noopur says:

    super cool mani and pedi…I hadnt heard of Minx before.
    Love it when i get to know about new things….love your blog for this.

  19. Jessica says:

    How much are those rings?


    Have a Sunday Funday :D