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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I walked by H&M on 5th Avenue yesterday and saw workers literally rolling out the red carpet for the launch of the Jimmy Choo collection today.

Boxes in the window.

Boxes in the window.

If — no, WHEN! — I do the WendyB line for H&M, I promise that all you blog roll bitches are going to prance down the red carpet and come to the VIP after-party. Hell, you’ll BE the VIP after-party! I won’t let anyone else in except y’all. And Lady Gaga.

Another thing I saw yesterday was this sign.


It reminded me of this t-shirt.


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37 Responses to “Jimmy Choo for H&M and … Duck!”

  1. That sales tax sign should be a t-shirt. And the WendyB for H&M I’d wait in line for, maybe even as long as I waited in line for Police tickets in the 80’s!

  2. tris1978ton says:

    Woohoo! Jimmy Choo! Can’t wait for this to get to H&M in the rest of the U.S!
    And that T-shirt is very funny! I was so scared of New Yorkers before visiting New York City. But I found the people there surprisingly nice, helpful and welcoming. And obviously, they don’t take themselves too seriously :O)

  3. Alicia says:

    That party would be epic.

    And if you think that’s bad, I’d gladly trade you for our 9.75%. GLADLY.

  4. sr@mystyle says:

    Your party would be totally unmissable!! Love that tee too-welcome to New York indeed!

  5. Jimmy Choo for H & M! My cousin’s snagging me a pair 😉

  6. Susan says:

    whooo, that t-shirt is fabulous :))
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  7. TN sales tax is something like that too, only there’s no state income tax here. Don’t know how it is there. But enough about taxes… WendyB VIP after party, with Lady Gaga?! Fuckin A!

  8. Iñaki says:

    This HAS to be one of you funniest posts. Haha I giggles so much.
    Love Lady Gaga’s latest video. And the idea of WendyB for H&M!


  9. enc says:

    Mr.OM would love that gun t-shirt.

    I can’t wait to attend your H&M collaboration and VIP after-party.

  10. Anna Jane says:

    Ahh I so wish I’d bothered to elbow my way through the crowds outside H+M yesterday – some of those shoes/dresses were to die for! Oh well. Here’s hoping Mr. Choo brings out another collection for H+M next season!
    Brilliant Tshirt btw xxx

  11. I would definitely come to New York for the Wendy B for H&M launch party!

  12. stacy says:

    Wendy B. for H & M!! I’m feeling it…

  13. From your blog to God’s ears. May you get the Wendy B line at H&M.

  14. Rosie says:

    WendyB for H&M would be too awesome! I want so much of your stuff, and I am left imitating it with toys stolen from siblings. *Sob*

  15. Iron Chic says:

    These H&M designer collabs make me anxious…all that hair pulling and line-waitin’.

    I found a perfect silk Karl Lagerfeld for H&M dress whilst vintage picking the other day…I found a similar yet damaged version on ebay with a $230 buy-it-now price!

  16. PinkBow says:

    these collaborations are getting crazy!

  17. Midtown Girl says:

    Are you effing kidding me with the sales tax…uhm thanks PATERSON. WTF.

    Ok I’m calm.

    Def would be on your VIP line and I already have my outy picked out, so let me know for shiz.

    PS – gave you shouts x 100 on my last post, love!

  18. dreamsequins says:

    Not sure I’m feeling the Choo collaboration. That t-shirt is hilarious!

  19. I. Grace says:

    I can’t wait for them to carry it here in MN coz we have 0 tax!!

    WendyB for H&M, I’d fly to NY for that coz I’m sure that’s gonna be one heck of an after-party!!

  20. Candice says:

    I’m up for the party! Get than H&M contract!

  21. Lenya Jones says:

    Hopefully there will still be some Jimmy Choo stuff left when I get there in Jan. And when the WendyB for H&M line in unveiled I will travel from anywhere to celebrate that!

  22. Please tell me the Wendy for H&M collaboration is in the bag?? And that you’ll throw a big partay in London? 😉

  23. I’ll queue for you!!

  24. KD says:

    LOL! I’d so be there.

  25. jennine says:

    believe it or not i was at h&m today, and totally not shocked by the line of h&m ‘jimmy choo’ shoes, totally not the real thing. they looked really cheap!

  26. Birte says:

    It’s 9.75% in LA… shoot me now.

  27. You’re too good for H&M! I’m sick of all these collaborations – I’d rather eat noodles and save for the real thing!

  28. miss j says:

    Hey miss wendy,
    My friend got a pair of jc shoes in h&m and she wasn’t happy about it. She said the quality was not of standard. I’m still waiting for the biker boots as it was not available today. you think it’s worth it, or is it just about the hype? xxx besos from spain.

  29. Fabi says:

    Oh YES, the power of words! Glad you changed the “if” to a “when” because you SO will. =)

    And my, your Gaga post was hilarious!!


  30. tiffany says:

    Ha! that sign makes me laugh.

    And totally all over WendyB for H&M! DO IT! 🙂

  31. Looking at the pics of the lineup just made me nauseous! HAHAHA

    And WendyB for H&M? Sign me up.

    Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

  32. HauteWorld says:

    Not a fan of the Choo for H&M range… a lot of the pieces just looked so cheap. I’d definitely wait in line for the Wendy B + H&M range though. Although as Couture Cookie mentioned, I think you’re too good for them!

    Blah about the sales tax, although I’ll take yours over the 19,6% one we have here!

  33. KT says:

    I’d rather come to your par-tay than Jimmy Choos.

  34. Lexie says:

    i wanna come to the wendyb for H&M VIP!!! yes!

  35. Happy Monday Wendy!

    Oh, you made me smile about your “WENDY B for H& M” 😉
    You have truly an amazing jewelry line!!!

    Enjoy your monday filled with looots of sunshine!

  36. Lorena says:

    You had me laughing!!! count me in, i’ll be at ur party

  37. Sher says:

    so who’s bright idea was it to run NY merchandising industry into the ground with that tax?