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Sunday, August 23, 2009

This blog has become the place where tags go to die. Gorgeous bloggers have been generously including me in tags and giving me awards since January, and I have failed to do the right thing and pass the tags/awards along. It’s not that I don’t appreciate such things. I do! But I ran out of random facts to share about myself in 2008.

To make up for this egregious behavior, I have created the Wendy Brandes Seal of Approval. * That’s my Wildflower earring in the middle.

That's my Wildflower earring in the middle.

I hereby present my personal seal of approval to everyone who tagged or awarded me, whether or not they’re still in the blogging biz. The following people may display this not-at-all-sought-after honor on their blogs or tattoo it over their hearts or disregard it entirely:

Did I miss anyone? Speak up! Or just award it to yourself. No need to wait for me. Oh, and don’t forget to read this.

*ENC did the Photoshop work, as always.

UPDATED TO ADD: Someone else who gets my seal of approval is gorgeous blogger Karen of Of a Certain Age. We had dinner in L.A. last night with the husbands. Believe it or not, Karen is even more glamorous in person than in her blog pictures. She’s also generous, as she bestowed an adorable Isabella Fiore purse on me. (Separate purse post to come!) Much to my amusement, Karen was one of those people who expect a more dramatic voice from me. If you’re planning on meeting me, I warn you to read the last paragraph of this post in order to avoid disappointment/shock.

Karen, me and a dress that's getting a lot of wear.

Karen, me and a Francis dress that's getting a lot of wear.

Kjell (Mr. Karen), Karen and MrB

Kjell (Mr. Karen), Karen and MrB

I had a great time talking to Karen’s handsome Norwegian husband Kjell about his homeland.A  I visited Norway in 2007 and I have been pining for the fjords ever since. Now I am really desperate to go back. That might take me a while. Hopefully, before then, Karen will come visit me in New York. I’m going to try to develop a gravelly voice by then just to astonish her.

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48 Responses to “The Guilt Is Killing Me”

  1. KT says:

    Holy smokes! Is this copyrighted or can I tattoo this on myself? Maybe I can shave it on my head. I’ve been looking for a new hairstyle.

  2. K-Line says:

    Oh, I know. The guilt is killing me too! (So many delightful awards and tags, so relatively little left to say – or time in which to say it!) But this is the most gorgeous of seals and I thank you for it. Enc is up to her great photoshopping and what could be lovelier than a WendyB original jewel??

  3. I’m crushed. Especially after I rigged the Drysdale’s in your favor way back in 2008!

  4. Kat says:

    Oooh I typed ‘goddess’! Love it.

    What a covetable seal of approval!

  5. Jennifer says:

    i really want it tooo! i don’t have any tags but i am a little customer and huge fan…. what if i just borrow it forever??

  6. I’m the same way and feel horrible about it..

  7. lisa says:

    SQUEE thank you for the seal of approval! I know what you mean about the random facts thing–I can’t think of any more tidbits about myself that I can share.

  8. Sher says:

    Awwww shucks! Thank you!

    Now I need to catch up on reading those old posts from 2008 😉

    Hope you had a fun weekend!

  9. enc says:

    I give that seal of approval the Seal of Approval!

    There are just so many tags, and so little time.

  10. Koko says:

    Aw that’s so cute ! Looks very official: )
    Love the Wildflower earring !

  11. WendyB says:

    Oh, Grant, you deserve so much more than a mere seal of approval! I’m still trying to create the thing that can adequately compensate you.

  12. Hey Ms B,
    Thank you for the pwetty flower!

    Just how do you know that I like inflicting pain (bloody good pain!) on myself with flowers?! I’ve already got four daisy-like flowers tattooed on various parts of my body. Might just add your Wildflower to the two on my right foot. And yes, will send photos if I do so. xx

  13. I tagged you twice! And then gave up hahaha. so i will get that pretty jewel of a flower and place it in my blog!

    anti-spam word: cherries

  14. Tessa Scoffs says:

    *$%$#@! Love it. This is the best response to unsolicited “notice me” fan mail I’ve ever received. Your tops in my book, WendyB!

  15. Thank you for the seal of approval Ms B! The tattoo I fear, will have to wait until after payday!

  16. janettaylor says:

    Congrats on Ur awards…


  17. Tina says:

    You should get a stamp made so that you can just walk around stamping your seal of approval wherever you see fit!

  18. Sharon Rose says:

    Oh yaay!!! I’ll display this with pride of place-thanks so much!!

  19. pretty face says:

    Aaaw, Wendy and enc, you made my day! This is way cooler than you doing my tag. Now can I have the earrings too please? 😉 xx

  20. Melissa says:

    Love the seal of approval! And, BTW, it looks spectacular on the ears!!

  21. jennine says:

    oh man… i’m the worst too when it comes to tags… it’s not that i don’t like them, it’s just that i dont’ think my readers like them. and also as a blogger who tends to talk about my self all the time, memes just seem over the top. i’m sure no one really has that much desire to know random things about me.

  22. Fabulous idea, darling! I need to make one of those… of course I don’t have a lovely WB earring as a centerpiece!


  23. Well, I have to say I am envious of the tag! Beautiful, as are you. I just discovered your jewelry through Karen’s blog and that skull ring (if you’ll pardon the pun) is to die for. Can you spell G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?

  24. Seals everywhere are wishing they could trade their ability to balance a ball on their nose in order to have that seal. It is indeed gorgeous.

  25. Or you can go to Fashion Herald to let your tag die a slow, lonely, neglected death. And I’m not only guilty of tag homicide, but of also being surprised by your IRL voice. And then I was honestly pretty mesmerized by it!

  26. Ha-ha, yeah tags just seem to attack when there’s so much else to say…

  27. Ela says:

    Congratulations on the award and what a gorgeous seal of approval you created! So funny how we imagine people to sound as I’m sure we hear the voice we think matches the photos/blogs we see and read. LOL, my readers should expect Minnie Mouse…pretty much a match for mine 🙂

  28. savvy gal says:

    oh both of you gals are gorgeous.

  29. enc says:

    The two of them are so gorgeous, it’s amazing!

  30. Kristin says:

    That’s one heck of an honor. Miss Karen has some kick arse jewelry!

  31. Suze says:

    You truly are Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Even with your hair issues 🙂

  32. Jill Pilgrim says:

    I am awful at tags, passing on awards too. Very cute idea!

  33. I think your voice suits you, I certainly wasn’t surprised by it…it was nice to hear it with the correct accent though, since it can be rather amusing reading your blog with a British accent in your head (as I often did!)

  34. WendyB says:

    Ooh, Miss Peelpants, I think it would be nice if you read my blog with a whole variety of accents. Try French next!

  35. Gerri Ward says:

    OMG! I luv this Seal of Approval it’s solely WENDYB
    FABULOUS! p.s. That’s the most ELEGANT WILDFLOWER I have ever seen! I luv,luv,luv it!!!

  36. Well now that you’ve insisted on French, I am unable to read you as anything but Swedish. Weird!

  37. catherine says:

    I love the idea of tags, but I’m really, really bad about them too. So bad in fact that I haven’t done one in months, but surely we AsianCajuns have awarded/tagged you quite a few times…back in the day when I was better at keeping up with tags.

    Enc, great job on the design!

  38. Thats very nice of you, you deserved all those awards you have such a great blog

  39. Lexie says:

    those earrings are soooo beautiful!

  40. I know! I am so bad about it, too!!

  41. ambika says:

    It’s so funny, I expected Winona of Daddy Likey to have a Demi Moore voice, too–maybe I just think smart, sophisticated women couldn’t possibly sound otherwise? Anyways, I can’t believe I missed this video the first time you posted it!

  42. Sher says:

    I learned more personal info from her post than the time I’ve been reading your blog LOL!

  43. eyeliah says:

    oh no – me too! and I hate posting all that info about myself, it feels kinda invasive no? I have three or four that I have meaning to combine in one big post together.

  44. TheShoeGirl says:

    OMG!! I’m so flattered! I’m putting that shit up on my header so everyone can be jealous! HA!


  45. Josephine says:

    i always find it fascinating to hear the voice behind the blogger – i am always shocked to hear an accent, lol. i guess because in my mind when i’m reading words everyone has an australian accent (you didn’t know you were an aussie did you? hehe). i can’t say i ever expected you to have a more “gravelly” voice though…

  46. Kari says:

    Oh how fun! You and Karen both look gorgeous. It’s always such a treat to see bloggers I’m familiar with who meet up.