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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I’m digging this studded Ipanema tank top by Nine West. The studs look pretty matte in the picture. I’m not sure if they’re like that in real life, but I’m all about matte metal. Even if they’re shiny, the different shapes are interesting. The top is available for pre-order and will ship by June 1.

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16 Responses to “Buy Now, Wear Later”

  1. pretty face says:

    since when has nine west done pre-order??

  2. WendyB says:

    For a while! I pre-ordered something from them last year.

  3. K.Line says:

    I had a coat from 9West and I really loved it – wore it to death. This was about 10 years ago when they just started doing clothes as well as shoes.

  4. Vyque says:

    I love the mix of different hardware shpaes!

  5. SnapandPrint says:

    It looks like the hardware does have some shine if you look around the waist area.

    I wish they could show how much by properly lighting the tank top when they take photos of it.

  6. Alicia/InstantVintage says:

    Cute! I hope they’re matte IRL. Shiny would be a whole lot to take in.

  7. May Kasahara says:

    love the tank.
    perfect color!

  8. Farren says:

    Nine West has got some really cute clothing, but I’ve only bought shoes from them. This top is cute!

  9. The Clothes Horse says:

    Wait…Nine West makes clothes?

  10. Petra says:

    Pretty neat studs.

    Studs = love in my books 🙂


  11. bronwyn says:

    Very cute!

  12. Jen (MahaloFashion) says:

    That tank would look so good on you wendy and it seems to suit your style. xx

  13. Anika says:

    Lol, I had the same reaction to this as pretty face….since when did Nine West do pre-orders??!!?! I do like the top though..you can never go wrong with studs 😉

    Thanks for the lovely comment too.

  14. Fabulously Broke says:

    They do look matte. And I LOVE it. I may consider buying it for myself.. I love stuff that’s different and textural.. and this fits the bill without being sequined or shiny.

  15. enc says:

    I really love the look of that top. Nine West gets better all the time.

  16. PBW says:

    Wow! This is gorgeous! I think I may have to do some pre-ordering myself!