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Monday, January 12, 2009

Earlier this year, I ogled a L.A.M.B. dress on the soon-to-be-defunct eLuxury. I didn’t plan to get it, but when it was reduced further I couldn’t resist. More recently, I was rummaging through my gorgeous client Melissa‘s closet (she was rummaging with me — I didn’t break into her house) and I found she had bought the same dress. Looked like a good excuse for a night on the town to me.

We really went out like this.

Melissa wore a black shirt under her dress. I wore a black jacket over mine. We were with three other people, so we blended in a bit and didn’t look quite as crazy as we would have if we were dining a deux.

Gorgeous client/blogger Angela and her two backup singers.

The dress is still available on eLuxury for $159.

If you buy this dress, you have to come to New York and wear it out on the town with Melissa and me. Don’t try to weasel out of it.

And now for your daily reminder: Don’t forget to vote for me for Best Fashion Blogger of 2008. I can’t be first, but I can still place! Voting ends tomorrow. Thanks heaps to the gorgeous, willowy and tights-wearing blogger Fashion Herald for writing such a nice campaign post. I’m honored.

UPDATED TO ADD: Gorgeous blogger Lisa points out that I did a “twins?” pose with her, too.

Me in my vintage coat, Lisa in her Anthropologie coat
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25 Responses to “Great Minds Think Alike … About L.A.M.B.”

  1. Shrimpton Couture says:

    LOL That is hilarious! You two crack me up. I knew it was coming – Melissa had told me but the reality of the pictures is priceless!

  2. pretty face says:

    I love that! My friend and I were shopping and both fell in love with a pink cardigam, so we both bought it.

    But she won’t let us wear it at the same time! Grrr…

  3. Vasiliisa says:

    HA! I’d love to buy this dress if that means I get to come to New York and wear it out on the town with Melissa and you!

  4. Miss Urbanita says:

    So funny! Fantastic dress. Kisses ;)


  5. enc says:

    I voted and tweeted and stumped on FB again! Will you let me be in your L.A.M.B. dress gang?

  6. Little Lj says:

    Sounds like a really great evening!


    love the print dear! you know its interesting how you both accessorised with black pieces but still looked individual.me wants the dress,its rad.
    muah x

  8. Couture Carrie says:

    You two are adorable!!! What was the public reaction to the doppelganger effect?


  9. Ladies Who Lunch says:

    and it looks amazing on both of you!

  10. June Shin says:

    That is so funny! You are 2 wacky ladies!

  11. TheShoeGirl says:

    Now we need to get you into some hot LAMB shoes…

  12. Sharon Rose says:

    Hi there-what a versatile and stylish dress, you both look stunning!

  13. coco says:

    It is a fab dress. I’m really into L.A.M.B shoes at the moment. I think I may have to buy a pair.

  14. ambika says:

    That price is unbelievable. & I love that you guys went out dressed alike.

  15. Iheartfashion says:

    What a gorgeous pair!
    I’d buy that dress. Let’s have dinner!

  16. The Maiden Metallurgist says:

    I want to buy this dress just so I have an excuse to invite you to dinner next time I’m in NYC!

  17. lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, what a picture!! :) I think you should start labelling posts that include twin pics…remember the one of us in our plaid coats?

  18. WendyB says:

    Ooh, good point, Lisa. I’m going to do that.

  19. Skye says:

    Hilarious and fabulous all that the same time – what else would we expect from WendyB!

  20. AK says:

    You guys do look like backup singers! So adorable though, I love it. Love the matching jackets too, they’re both so lovely!


  21. B says:

    I think I’ve expressed my Coco love to you before… we need to see more of Miss “Klassy”!

  22. petite and dynamite says:

    That is sooo cute.. My best friend and I bought identical black FRYE boots last year.. and this year we bought matching Stuart Weitzman boots.. I thought we were strange…. or just a little SILLy..

    good to see we are not the only ones.. playing Matchy // Matchy..

  23. The Fashion Pinko says:


    whenever i go on vacation with my family, my mother secretly will coordinate our clothes so we are all color coordinating and matching. she claims she doesn’t do it on purpose, BUT I KNOW HER SECRET!

  24. Miss Woo says:

    Crazy patterns! You can start a L.A.M.B gang too?

  25. Gamutrice says:

    You give great backup. Seriously, both of you rock the dress.