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Saturday, April 19, 2008
Trying to display flower feet and plaid combination
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24 Responses to “Awkward Fashion Moment”

  1. Sharon Rose says:

    C’est tres bon, Wendy!

  2. enc says:

    I think you look pretty comfortable and swift.

    BTW: that neckline is fantastic on you.

  3. miss cavendish says:

    Love the flowers with the plaid! C’est tres chic!

  4. melissa o says:

    You look amazing! That combo is great (and the necklace is perfect!).
    Paris looks like a lot of fun, but fattening! Fernando better watch his waistline.

  5. selinaoolala says:

    ah wonderful! those shoes are divine, if i ever see them in a magazine i think of wendy b!

  6. AsianCajuns says:

    You look great in those shoes. I didn’t think anyone could pull them off outside the runway, but you totes do!

  7. Natasha says:

    I don’t think you look too awkward. If I had those shoes I’d walk on my damn hands all day. They are magnificent!

  8. Wendy says:

    Those shoes are gorgeous!

  9. zoeeeee says:

    i can’t believe you found a skirt that matches those shoes that perfectly

  10. Miss Woo says:

    Its the return of the flower feet! how I love those shoes.

  11. jennine says:

    i would say darling fashion momment!

  12. Siljesfashion says:

    Love the shoes, and I totally think you can pull it off.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Stealing my poses? Haha if only I could steal your shoes…

  14. Lynn says:

    You look absolutely divine! Nothing awkward at all!

  15. Susie Bubble says:

    I didn’t like the shoes by themselves but on you…. they work!

  16. Deirdre says:

    Hair looks fabulous, girl!

  17. glamour girly says:

    great combo! LOVELY shoes!

  18. Miss Janey says:

    WendyB is rockin’ whole package.

  19. Shaz says:

    i think u should do a post about your diet and how yoy stay so slim!! im so jealous of u right now that i dont even feel like saying something nice!

    Fine i give in, those shoes with the plaid are FANTASTIC 😀

  20. WendyB says:

    Shaz, that happened to be a good angle…the next photo my husband took two seconds after that was so bad that even he had to admit it (and usually he says nothing but flattering things).

  21. Iheartfashion says:

    Ooooh, I LOVE those Prada shoes!

  22. Psyche says:

    I get it now. Those shoes look fab on you!

  23. SICK. says:

    dxhbfng.bx ?!
    prada shoes … drooool.


  24. iñaki says:

    I love those Prada heels and I adore every woman who wears them!