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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Martirio’s Way always has well-researched photo posts about current and vintage style icons, so if you haven’t already bookmarked it, you should. I’ve had Beatles on the brain so I just have to share today’s post, which includes a nice collection of photos of Jane Asher, the ultra-hip, red-headed British actress whom Paul McCartney dated in the ’60s.

Photo of Jane and Paul borrowed from Martirio’s Way.
I’m intrigued by the bags they’re carrying.

After she broke up with McCartney, Jane married Gerald Scarfe, an illustrator who did the album cover for Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Jane now has a fancy cake business.

That’s a cake!

She also writes novels. She still acts as well, playing a fictional queen in a British miniseries that aired this year. One thing that Jane Asher doesn’t do is talk about Paul McCartney. If you bump into her, don’t ask about him, because she will cut you, frost you and serve you at a wedding with petits fours. If you want to know more about her, you’ll have to settle for this article about cakes.

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19 Responses to “Jane Asher, ’60 Chick”

  1. jayne says:

    oo thanks for letting us know about the blog, i never knew

  2. enc says:

    As much as I was trying to read what you wrote, I couldn’t stop focusing on her bags! And oh, that cake! You’re right, that is a v. cool blog. I’ll be back to visit it! Thank you for telling us about it.

  3. WendyB says:

    ENC, the color photos are much more eyecatching, but I had to go with that one since it had Paul McCartney AND bags in it!

  4. Libbi says:

    Wow loving the bag cake thats so stylish! do you know where you can buy them though?

  5. WendyB says:

    Libbi, if you click on the words “fancy cake business” it will take you through to the site, which has information on delivery in the UK. Sadly, it’s just in the UK. But there are some great bakers elsewhere who do fun cakes like that too. I love a whimsical cake.

  6. Jello on Springs says:

    Oh my, That cake is too pretty to eat.

  7. JO says:

    WOW! That cake is sooo cool! FUN FUN! I love it!

  8. pistols at dawn says:

    A model who makes cakes and has both her legs? How’d he let that one get away?

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Wow! I will never forget Jane Asher in the film “Deep End.” An amazing movie that traumatizes me to this day! How nice that she has her own identity, as opposed to Patti Boyd!


  10. Hyena In Petticoats says:

    Going with Paul AND the bags is an obviously fine choice, as far as I’m concerned…..!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog – I agree that matching luggage is a sigh-worthy event….

    Leah xx

  11. Jen (MahaloFashion) says:

    OMG that Chanel cake is crazy I want it!! I would not even want to eat something that looks so good! I’d freeze it forever!

  12. Aretha says:

    Wendy, you’re such a sweetheart!!! Jane was so cool back in the 60’s. I love how cute was her in Alfie, with Michael Caine. That’s such a cool movie.
    And of course, thanks for recommending my blog, that’s a really nice thing!!

  13. the iron chic says:

    That went straight into my “cake” folder. Yes, I have a folder specifically for cakes and it is quite large.

  14. bigglassesgirl says:

    my old prof loved the beatles. His whole office was plastered in posters, vinyls, pictures, and so on. The day they told him he couldn’t use tacks anymore was a tragic day.

  15. molly says:

    ooh very cool post! loved seeing a vintage chick on your blog!
    i miss betty davis on my header too!

  16. Wendy says:

    The cake looks so gorgeous! If she makes these cakes or designs them herself, I want to be like her!

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  18. In Yr Fshn says:

    I read your fancy cake comment as a variation on the more popular “fancy pants” saying and then I was like, oh, she’s a designer for Chanel? And then it all came together.
    Slow and steady wins the race!

  19. balcairn says:

    Wow, how odd! Just yesterday I was watching Jane in Brideshead Revisted and loved her so much I googled her a bit. But I didn’t discover that blog post… thanks for the link!