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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II famously described 1992 as an “Annus Horribilis.” Yesterday was a “Dies Horribilis” for me. Every petty thing that could go wrong did go wrong. True, things could be much worse, but knowing that does not make the bluebird of happiness fly merrily around my head, tweeting, until I finally get fed up and kill the fucking thing. I knew a woman in college who was clinically depressed and always tried to cheer herself up by saying, “But at least I’m not a starving child in India” and other crap like that. I haven’t thought about her in a while. I should stop by Bellevue and say hi to her one of these days. I just need to call ahead and make sure she’s suitably dressed.

A shame, really. She was such a pretty girl in 1989.

The bright spot of an otherwise oppressive day was dinner with gorgeous bloggers Patricia and Jenn. I rewarded them by elaborating, at astonishing length, upon #6 in my list here. I’m sure that was very enjoyable. They adeptly hid their fear that I was going to launch into an encore of my “Anne of Cleves was the smartest wife” speech over dessert. Luckily, Patricia and I had a date to go see some documentaries about Yves Saint Laurent, and Jenn had to go home to beat her head against the wall. We lined up in size order and took a picture before we went.

Bobble-Bee, WendyB and Jenn, who was an honorary B for the evening.
No, I do not know why half my bosom is trying to escape from my jacket.

My tolerant companions didn’t know I was slyly scoring a blogger hat-trick of sorts, since I was wearing a vintage Moschino jacket that I bought on Yoox.com after Susie Bubble posted (about Mrs Fashion‘s post) about the Moschino sale there. Who thinks Susie and Mrs should pay for any purchases I made due to their posts? Raise your hands. Then study Susie’s Moschino collage and try to guess which of those pieces I bought.

The YSL movies (well, the first one and a portion of the second one…we left early) were very interesting. There were more black models in the old footage than there were on most runways this fall, even in the ’60s clips. I was also impressed by the many YSL models who could gracefully walk the runway without high-stepping like a Tennessee Walking Horse or falling off their shoes and into someone’s giant handbag. Seriously, I came home from the Marc Jacobs show this fall and found an emaciated Ukrainian in my Prada tote.

Good look for horses, not for people

Have you ever tried on clothes and wondered, “Who the hell did they make these for?” There was one fit model whose body provided some insight into that issue. At least, I think it was a model. It might have been a xylophone.

Hit her ribs with the mallet to make beautiful music!

Now that I think about it, seeing YSL in his two major emotional states (paralyzed by melancholy or coked up to the gills) made me think, “Hmmm. My life really isn’t so bad.” Quick! Someone fetch me a baseball bat. I am going to kill that fucking bluebird!

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25 Responses to “A Bright Spot on a Gloomy Day”

  1. La Belette Rouge says:

    Funny and sad all at the same time. Maybe your friend wasn’t starving–the models seem to be.
    Happy to hear bluebird did not destroy your entire day.

  2. riz says:

    funny as ever – and
    “Have you ever tried on clothes and wondered, “Who the hell did they make these for?”

    yes I think about this all the time. I saw some IFC doc. of YSL, and he was so lost and depressive he could barely speak…

  3. ParisBreakfasts says:

    Oh my…
    You love to shake us up!

  4. In Yr Fshn says:

    Aack! I am eating you two! Thanks again for a great night!

  5. Kira Fashion says:

    classy you girls!

    a kiss

  6. Dustcakeboy says:

    Great to see blogger camaraderie and humorous as ever!

    Much love.


  7. Angela says:

    Birds twittering around just leave shit on your shoulder anyhow. Go to town on it!

    And the emaciated Ukrainian? I nearly spit my coffee! Hilarious!

  8. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    Wendy, you’re a Coke (the drinking kind, not the other one) hazard, in the sense that you make mine shoot straight up my nose from laughing so hard- which means I’m sitting here looking like I do the other type of coke, as I clutch at my nose (those bubbles hurt!).

  9. Miss Woo says:

    Love the Moschino top! Also, this post make me smile. I hate it when petty things goes wrong too, thats even more annoying!

  10. Moira says:

    Depressed is the new black.

  11. Bobble Bee says:

    My post is about to come…
    Thank you BOTH.
    Wendy, this post is FUUUNY!!!
    And i agree with riz when she says YSL “was so lost and depressive he could barely speak” .. what a shame

  12. Annie says:

    Actually, I really enjoy those documentaries about YSL. Yes, it’s true, you can certainly see all the destruction all those years of drug abuse have done to his mind, but I still find them inspiring…
    I bought the DVD a while back and reviewed them both – I think they’re a good go-to for insight on the creative process, especially on one so monumental.

  13. Vintage Bunny says:

    You met In yr Fshn….I wish I could meet all my blogging friends too.I have just met one lady from my other blog.

  14. shell says:

    i think we were having a very simlar day on opposite sides of the country. sigh. i didn’t kill the blue bird either, but sure wanted to. today is much better and i’m sure glad it’s that much closer to the weekend!

    oh, and i totally heart your jacket, even if your boob was trying to escape! 🙂

  15. jennine says:

    i hope your day is better today!

    i’m so envious you got to meet patricia! and she got to meet you!
    i want to be part of that dinner!


  16. WendyB says:

    Well, Jennine, you need to take a little trip to NY. Shell, what was up with that? Why was that boob not liking the jacket? Or maybe it was liking Jenn a little too much. Notice how it was attempting to escape on her side.

  17. Annie says:

    Hi Wendy – it’s in my archives under “Master Class” – one of my many goofy titles…
    Enjoy! -Ms. P&C

  18. G.G. says:

    I’m gonna take a WAG and say you bought the GREEN CLOWN SWEATER. Just a shot in the dark. BTW, did you see Valley Girl asking what we were talking abt, vis a vis the clown sweater? 😛
    As for good old Anne of Cleves, I’m still thinking Katherine Parr had it in the smarts department. Sorry about your bad day.

  19. The Narcist says:

    “Who thinks Susie and Mrs should pay for any purchases I made due to their posts?”

    my hand is currently raised tell me if payment is made so that I can put in my request for reimbursement to winona over @daddylikey!

  20. Brittique says:

    Just discovered your blog and it’s now on my regular reading. Your jewellery is fabulous too! Love love love it.

    PS. perhaps you’re right about my bag? It will get smaller? I didn’t sell it in the end so I’ll give it another test drive tomorrow on the subway up to 59th St and see how it goes.

  21. Carolina Lange says:

    It is so great to have a nice time on a hard day!
    Great post!

  22. WendyB says:

    ROTFLMCSO @ GG (rolling on the floor laughing my clown sweater off). That is an excellent guess but sadly it had already been purchased! Damn! Clowns are competitive these days. (And I didn’t see Valley’s comment, that’s hilarious). When I get to Katherine Parr in the book club, I will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she had some smarts but not as much as she should have. I pray that you will only have to read this and never have the misfortune to be subjected to an in-person, Champagne-fueled WendyB speech on the topic. Narcist, I think we should start preparing bills for any one who editorializes us into spending a great deal of money. However, we must make an exception for WendyB jewelry, which is a very sane investment for anyone. Thank you to everyone else for stopping by and I hope no one’s nose hurts too much.

  23. G.G. says:

    Wendy darling, LOL! I can think of few things I’d like better than to have a champagne-fueled evening discussing the merits and demerits of Henry’s wives with you 🙂 Of course, on condition that no clown sweaters were present. Then I wouldn’t be able to focus 😛

  24. Mrs Fashion says:


    Ok, ok we’ll go halves on your splurges – as long as we can share?!

    Mrs F x

  25. Shaz says:

    Maybe your boob knew your vintage jcket was getting more attention than required, thus tried to make its mark…or perhaps it just because of Jenn lol. You look lovely and i love ur necklace…this is a very funny post