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Friday, September 7, 2007

I haven’t worn gloves for years. I prefer to stuff my hands in my pockets and complain about the cold weather. But when I found these woolly fingerless gloves in Bergen, Norway, this summer, I was in love.

Then, two days ago, I was on Madison Avenue and walked by Sermoneta Gloves. The brightly colored gloves in the window lured me inside, where I was entranced by the ladies who tell you your size just by glancing at your hands and the cushioned counters (so you can rest your elbow on the counter while one of the ladies pulls a glove over your hand). I was unable to resist a pair of soft, elbow-length, yellow gloves. I was very pleased until I took a picture of them:

Now I’m worried they look too much like these rubber dishwashing gloves!

What do you think? Will they look better when I’m wearing a winter coat and they’re in context? Should I exchange them for another color? Should I stick with the fingerless gloves and pockets?

For lolcats fans, here’s the lolcats version of my gloves:

No matter what, the store is beautiful, so if you’re in New York you should go check it out.

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30 Responses to “Maid in Manhattan?”

  1. ParisBreakfasts says:

    I love fingerless gloves.
    You find they everywhere in London-the cold damp weather of course.
    The duck yellow gloves are terrific!

  2. B.lush says:

    i think they would look so hot with a cute short houndtooth jacket. Great finds!!

  3. Romeika says:

    Oh, no way it looks like those gloves for cleaning, you gotta be kidding me for thinking that! Your long yellow mustard gloves are fabulous! I like gloves and here during danish winter wearing them are ESSENTIAL.

  4. WendyB says:

    Oh, Romeika, did I mention I was in Copenhagen this summer? We had such a nice time!

  5. In Yr Fshn says:

    I really like the yellow gloves! Though, I must say, magenta is my favorite color for leather gloves. Some of the ones Coach has every year get me drooling.

  6. In Yr Fshn says:

    Also, this post made me laugh out loud. The LOL cats picture is perfect. You should start a LOL humanz blog.

  7. bee says:

    you are adorable.

    i LOVE the yellow, but i also kind of love the fact that you brought up how they resemble the dish washing gloves…so maybe i am not the best one to give advice ;)

  8. wendygital says:

    Hahaha, the LOL cats pic is so funny!
    But I don’t think they’ll look as rubber gloves at all. I like them and I’ll sure give them a try with a hot coat!
    Besides, a pair of rubber gloves can always come in handy, haha… ;-)

  9. Valley Girl says:

    I luuurve them!!! I also like your red lipstick!!!

  10. Debbie Shiamay says:

    You look so cute! Haha cheers!

  11. Kira Fashion says:

    great post!
    next winter, i really will buy a great pair of fancy gloves!

    a kiss

  12. Frasypoo says:

    They look so good,I wish it got cold enough to wear gloves here in GA

  13. landis says:

    darling, i have the feeling after reading your blog that pulling off long yellow gloves is well within your capability. . . go go go.

  14. WendyB says:

    Okay, peeps. You have convinced me that I won’t look too foolish in the yellow gloves! I will keep them. Anyway, it’s absurd to think that anything could look like dishwashing gloves on me. Everyone who knows me knows that I haven’t washed a dish in years!

  15. babz says:

    Know you, dear Wendy, no one would ever mistake your fashion gloves for scrubbin’ gloves. Our hands are about the same size so we can share!


  16. Jane says:

    Those yellow gloves would only look like house cleaning gloves if you happened to be wearing a black leather french maid’s outfit. And Paul is not *that* lucky!

  17. Lillian says:

    I really love the yellow gloves! I didn’t think that they resembled dishwashing ones until you mentioned it. I’m glad you decided to stick with them!

    - Lillian from paperchandelier.net

  18. Romeika says:

    No, Wendy, you haven’t mentioned that;-) Copenhagen is a great city, i’m sure you had a blast. ^^

  19. Victor says:

    Oh My God LOLOLOL. That was hysterical. I dont like the gloves. I was thinking if you had more yellow on your body but never mind. I would exchange them LOL. They are too awkward.

  20. Shaz says:

    i love them! they remind me of the many prada ones that were seen on the runways. And i think they would look fabulous in context, with a grey coat, and the gloves peeking out adding a marvellous shot of colour.

    After seeing these gloves, i am hating the fact that winter’s coming to an end here in australia :(

  21. Jewel Box says:

    I love gloves, so I will definitely have to go visit Sermoneta!
    Your fingerless gloves are great, and I love the yellow ones. They definitely don’t look like rubber gloves!

  22. Amy says:

    haha i like that last picture…
    They do remind me of rubber gloves but with the right oufit they can be chic and fashion forward…anyway why buy boring black or brown gloves when you can wear long, gorgeous yellow ones?

  23. Agathe says:

    You are too cute! I love the gloves! Marc Jacobs had some almost just like that in his fall collection.

  24. Eli says:

    but those yellow ones are actually fabulous…just think of all the nice things you will be able to pair it with when it gets colder soon!

  25. LML says:

    love both!
    i would def keep the yellow gloved – the color is soo different and cool! dont be scared! they are gonna look UH- mazing contrasted against a coat :)

  26. olivegrey says:

    Both of those gloves are beautiful.. I can just see you on Face Hunter.

  27. Pretty Girl says:

    Keep them, they’re hot. How much did these cost you? I have such a hard time finding gloves like those because my hands are HUGE!

  28. WendyB says:

    Your hands can’t be THAT big, Pretty Girl. What size are you? Maybe fingerless gloves are the answer! Then you don’t have to worry about the fit on the fingers at least.

  29. Kait says:

    I know I am too late to this party, but did you keep the yellow washing gloves?